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Comic-Con 2011: Torchwood Sings by Ric Bretschneider (07-25-11)
Could a musical episode work, or is that just John Barrowman being silly?

Torchwood Miracle Day: Rendition by Derek McCaw (07-18-11)
If Torchwood needs to save the day, why does it keep being up to the Americans?

Torchwood Miracle Day: The New World by Derek McCaw (07-11-11)
Sure, everyone talks about wanting immortality...

Comic-Con 2009: The Torchwood Panel by Steph Rodriguez (08-04-09)
First things first -- yes, Russell T. Davies survived fan ire, and John Barrowman protected him.

Top 10 Torchwood Spoilers by Michael Goodson and Derek McCaw (07-07-09)
So many surprises in the third season; none that Lon will find funny...

Reviewed: Torchwood: Children of Earth "Day One" by Derek McCaw (07-07-09)
Something has possessed the children, just in time for a government snafu...

DVD Review: Torchwood Season 2 by Derek McCaw (09-23-08)
Captain Jack Harkness returns to save us from...well, a lot of his own mistakes...

Torchwood: End of Days by Jamie Kelwick (01-17-07)
The first season of the first Doctor Who spin-off reaches an end...

Torchwood: Captain Jack Harkness by Jamie Kelwick (01-16-07)
Captain Jack is not who we think he is...he might not even be who HE thinks he is...

Torchwood: Combat by Jamie Kelwick (01-02-07)
Do NOT talk about Weevils...

Torchwood: Out of Time by Jamie Kelwick (01-02-07)
You know, I hate it when I lose time for, say, twenty minutes or so...

Torchwood: Random Shoes by Jamie Kelwick (12-22-06)
If they're dead, I don't want to walk a mile in them...

Torchwood: They Keep Killing Suzie by Jamie Kelwick (12-13-06)
But no one seems to be asking Suzie how SHE feels about it...

Torchwood: Greeks Bearing Gifts by Jamie Kelwick (12-07-06)
Again, people, a big wooden horse outside your fortress IS A TRAP!

Torchwood: Countrycide by Jamie Kelwick (11-27-06)
If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise...

Torchwood: Small Worlds by Jamie Kelwick (11-16-06)
Could Torchwood face a menace that science cannot explain?

Torchwood: Cyberwoman by Jamie Kelwick (11-10-06)
Yes, she's been cybernized, but in all the right places...

Torchwood: Ghost Machine by Jamie Kelwick (10-31-06)
Haunted by the past -- or alien influence?

Torchwood: Day One by Jamie Kelwick (10-27-06)
Which is, technically, Day Two, but who's counting with this kind of plot?

Torchwood: Everything Changes by Jamie Kelwick (10-27-06)
The Doctor Who spin-off arrives on the BBC...

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