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Comic-Con 2005: The Warner Animation Panel by Derek McCaw (07-29-05)
We know what doom the future holds for Justice League Unlimited and The Batman...

The Batman: The Big Dummy by Michael Goodson (11-29-04)
Where do these henchmen keep coming from?

The Batman: The Big Heat by Michael Goodson (11-15-04)
Next week, The Riddler guests in "The Big Mystery," then Mad Hatter in "The Big Top..."

The Batman: The Big Chill by Michael Goodson (11-08-04)
"Be cool, Batman!" Ha ha ha...Schwarzenegger gets me every time...

The Batman: The Cat and the Bat by Michael Goodson (10-05-04)
For the first time, Batman gets a strange stirring in his utility belt...

The Batman: Traction by Michael Goodson (10-04-04)
Bane comes to town, but there's no back-breaking to be had, here...it's a kids' show!

The Batman: Call of the Cobblepot by Michael Goodson (09-21-04)
My, my, Oswald, how manly you've become!

The Batman: The Bat In The Belfry by Michael Goodson (09-17-04)
It's not the animated Batman we fell in love with, but it'll do...

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