Sex and the City

August 5 Episode

"Coulda Woulda Shoulda"

Charlotte can't get pregnant, Miranda can, Carrie can't keep a secret, and Samantha can't keep away from a $4000 handbag.


Uh Oh, Steve's one ball and Miranda's lazy ovary still make a little magic. Miranda gets pregnant from her mercy screw with Steve. Planning to abort, Miranda goes through angst trying to make the right decision. No plans for a baby, no time for a baby, wrong father for a baby; all these weigh pretty heavily. At the very end she doesn't go through with it, deciding this could be her last chance at motherhood. Undoubtedly, the next nine months (on screen) will be fabulous with the new addition, Steve's reaction, and the pressure on her friends (particularly Charlotte). The big issue for this episode is a heavy one: does a man have the right to know if a woman is pregnant by him? Does he have a say in the choice of keeping the baby? This is not light material. Mazel Tov to the screenwriters, who have come up with an excellent source of conflict to keep this show on its toes.


Charlotte can't get pregnant after five months of trying, and finally visits a fertility specialist. After learning she has only a 15% chance of getting pregnant, she wigs out over Miranda's bun in the oven and the thought that Miranda won't complete the baking cycle. After a stirring make-up scene on the street, the two rebuild their friendship, and no one is happier about the baby's new lease on life than Char. Performance-wise, Kristin Davis was a bit weak carrying this heavy load. She maintained Charlotte's prissy "I'm upset" attitude when a deeper anguish would have been more appropriate. This is about the most awful thing to happen to Charlotte, especially after overcoming her weird marital problems.


What a stupid bitch. Sam loses Lucy Liu as a PR client all because Sam uses Lucy's name (and rather coarsely) to move up on a waiting list for a $4000 purse. First of all, the handbag was ugly. Second, using your client's name to move up on a waiting list is really stupid. Sam gets what she deserves in a very amusing put down scene (bravo to Lucy Liu for the great cameo). You know Sam didn't learn a thing and would do it again, as long as she's pretty sure she won't get caught. Sometimes predictability is really fun.


Carrie can't keep Miranda's problem a secret and has to share with Aiden, who, of course, wishes he didn't know since he's close to Steve. Aiden asks Carrie if she has ever had an abortion, and she lies about it, although she braves the truth eventually and 'fesses up that she did have one. She even decides to revisit the place where she met the unsuspecting almost-father of her child and runs into him again. He hasn't a clue who she is, and he is still a waiter thirteen years later, same haircut, same restaurant. Carrie feels vindicated that she made the right decision.


The $4000 handbag was really butt ugly.

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