Sex and the City

August 12 Episode - Season Finale L

"Just Say Yes"

Aiden proposes, Steve proposes, Richard propositions, and Trey unproposes. Amid lots of vomiting scenes, the emotions are flying high and fast. The season is over and we'll have to wait nine long months to find out what happens. For SATC withdrawal during the off season, try for a quick hit of Sex.


Now that the SATC season is over, on Sunday nights I will:

Watch sports

Paint my toenails

Pick my toenails

Pick my nose

Look at internet porn

Buy the SATC DVD from previous seasons and watch reruns for nine months


When Carrie's apartment goes co-op, Aiden suggests he buy it and they would live together. After trying to adjust to this radical concept, Carrie finds an engagement ring hidden in Aiden's bag. The ring is butt ugly and immediately occasions a bout of nausea from Carrie. She then stresses about Aiden's pending proposal, her physical reaction to marriage, and the ugly ring (who was picked out by Miranda to help Aiden). Finally, Aiden surprises her with a romantic proposal in the middle of the street, and offers her a really good ring (he returned the ugly one and got Sam's help to buy the new one). Surprise, surprise, Carrie accepts. John Corbett gives a memorable performance as the sweetest, most in love, puppy-hopeful guy you can think of with his down-on-one-knee proposal. Waiting for Carrie's answer had everyone nailbiting. Hats off to Sarah Jessica Parker for another outstanding season as our favorite neurotic female.


Miranda searches for a way to tell Steve that he's going to be a father, which results in a very funny scene in front of the frozen yogurt guy. Steve, being the nice guy he is, proposes (with Carrie's cast off ring), but Miranda is having any heroics. She assures him, in a delightfully caustic dialog, that he is welcome in the baby's life, but they aren't in love and she isn't marrying him. Bravo to both performers for an excellent finale to a season well done.


Char goes wacko from fertility drugs, and decides that if she can't get pregnant, then they had better start thinking about in vitro and adoption. The long-suffering Trey, after listening to Charlotte practicing Mandarin in preparation for a Chinese adoption, finally gives up. In a really touching scene, he tells her he's too tired to keep this up, and if they have kids then they have kids. Marriage and getting pregnant is just too much work. Excellent performance from Kyle McLachlan, who finally received some meatier script material from the screenwriters that shows off his exceptional talent. This marriage is on the rocks (again) and this time it may be Trey who wants out.


Sam's new client, Richard the rich hotelier, is giving her a run for her money. He's a sarcastic, rude, foul-mouthed asshole, and she gives it right back to him. He finally admits that he loves that she's not afraid of him and that starts off some sizzles that climax (literally) in his private jet on the way to his Brazilian resort. This guy is great, really the ultimate dick (they didn't name him "Richard" for nothing,) and a perfect companion for Sam. He's an excellent example of awful men that women get involved with - sexy, rich, magnetic, and just plain nasty. Let's hope he'll be around next season.


Carrie's geometric print dress in the opening scenes is a stunner, as is Sam's black summer dress in the cocktail scene, and Charlotte's tartan ballgown for the Highland Fling. One last fashion note - did anyone notice that Miranda's hair was a lighter shade this season? More of a strawberry blonde and it looked great.

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