Sex and the City

July 8 Episode

"Time and Punishment"

Aiden turns into a mean boyfriend and Charlotte makes a life decision. This one puts you on the edge of your seat and panting for another episode.


Miranda still has little action, continuing a dull trend for her this season. She is relegated to playing sidekick, albeit an amusing one. In this episode, she takes her neck out while getting out of the shower, and Aiden shows up in Carrie's place to help her out (naked and sprawled on the bathroom floor). What a guy. Still, we need some serious Miranda action. She's too funny to leave on the back burner.


Sam meets a new beau while fighting for a cab. They have a great go until he makes rude comments about her needing a pubie wax. She gets to shave him for payback. And we don't mean his face. How rude is that? One would think that a guy should be lucky to get sex at all when fighting for a cab. What's up with the pube criticism?


Would you comment on your partner's need for pubic grooming?

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Aiden's back, but he's not a nice guy anymore. He's out to make Carrie pay big time. If you get back together with an ex, is it OK to punish them? Isn't the whole point of getting back together forgiveness and fresh start, etc.? But maybe you can't ever really start over. Big calls and leaves a message on Carrie's machine while she and Aiden are making love. Obviously, that sort of call can cast a pall over a relationship. A truce of sorts is made by the end of the episode, but the innocence of this relationship is definitely over.


Charlotte decides to quit her job and "become one of those women who get married and quit their jobs." Her friends are aghast. Charlotte loves her job at the gallery. This is a serious life change, right up there next to death. You can never get back the great job you quit, and every job after that will suck. Charlotte tries desperately to convince herself that this is the right thing to do, but no one buys into it. She does it anyway, and replaces herself with a really obnoxious East Coast Art History Major prissie type. This is pretty deep stuff. Quitting your job for your spouse is a very major commitment, especially if you're not convinced yourself that you want to do it.


Carrie's bare midriff outfit at Aiden's bar is a little over the top. Her abs are great, but the outfit is too extreme, even for Carrie. Sam's hot pink suit is fabulous.

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