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original air-date: 03-30-03

Be Kind. Rewind: Syd and her mom exchanged fire, leaving Irina with little more than a flesh wound and a fairly pissed off offspring. Emily agreed to help the CIA get their hands on Sloane, but then changed her mind and decided to stand by her man. But, alas, Emily was shot and killed by Dixon who has trying to take out her hubby.

Sydney gave Vaughn a drawer. Okay, all together now: Aww! (Note: insert sarcastic tone here.)

Now, I like Syd and lover boy, especially when they are kicking butt together or when they're in bed because it allows for lovely shots of Michael Vartan shirtless. Problem is, their relationship is becoming too cute, too quickly. Happy couples don't usually fare all that well on dramas because, in all honesty, happiness bores us. We want angst! We want tension between our twosomes, so that the blissful moments seem even more blissful in contrast. Hopefully, the writers realize this and will create some bump in the road of love that the two of them are on so that their relationship will last for more than half a season.

Now, the drawer incident wasn't all bad because it gave Weiss the chance to deliver the best line of the entire episode when he told Vaughn, " Do you know how spoiled you are? I wish I had a girlfriend to say 'Hey, want a drawer?'"

Weiss is the man. They should use Weiss more.

Moving on to actual plot issues, has anyone else noticed how much the writers of this show love duality? Last time it had to do with two people discovering that someone they thought was dead was actually alive (Syd learning about Emily, Emily learning about Irina). This time they played the Irina-Jack relationship against the Neil-Elsa one. Who knew there could be another family as screwed up as the Bristows?

The ending, which had Elsa, Neil, and their son headed for a safe haven, just showed us that even if your marriage is a manufactured lie you can still love each other! Nice idea, don't really buy it, and it just served to piss Jack off, because we all know that he wishes his marriage had ended up the same way.

Poor Diane. She finally patched things up with Dixon! They were starting over again! And all this just made it so obvious that she wouldn't survive through the end of the episode. I was expecting her food to be poisoned at the restaurant, but why do that when you can blow up another Ford?

It's the whole eye for an eye theory with Sloane; you kill my wife, I kill yours. Now, it'll be fun to see if Dixon gets all revenge crazed and goes after him, or if he decides to get out of the high risk world of espionage all together. Yes, it's sad for Dixon, but it gives his character a totally new direction to explore.

The whole drug store switch-a-roo was awesome and everyone should bow down to Syd the Super Spy for pulling off that amazing escape. Also, we finally got some information, vague but information nonetheless, on Sark. When Caplan asked him what he wanted, Sark tells him that he wants "that which I never had." Speculating about what exactly that is should be fun for a while…anyone wanna take a stab at what it could be?

By the way, Sydney and the mechanical bull? Come on! I'm sure seeing Jennifer Garner riding anything is every man's dream come true, but even the lingerie scene in "Phase One" was better executed than this and it made a hell of a lot more sense plot wise.

Also, note to Vaughn: if you really want to take out the bad guy (Sark in this case), don't yell, "Freeze" before you shoot him. It totally ruins the whole element of surprise thing.

Rebecca Sparling

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