The Osbournes

Airdate 4-9-02

Trouble In Paradise

What could possibly be wrong with the Osbourne family now?

Well, the Osbourne children seem to be getting out of control. Staying up late, going out to clubs, and having impromptu parties on school nights have become a regular occurrence. One nice montage features a group of the kids playing pool and pinball. You get to see many shots of standard adolescent jocularity, boys chasing girls and boys chasing boys. As with many MTV reality show montages, this one ends with a chubby man coming out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a woolen beanie. You really can't go a half hour on MTV without the blurry censor box.

The family decides to hold a family meeting to discuss the nocturnal behavior of the children. The meeting doesn't really seem to go anywhere, as Ozzy repeatedly tries to get up and leave, only to be put in his place by Sharon. But Kelly sheds an interesting light on what it must be like to be the spawn of Ozzy. She explains that it's difficult being her. And people can't seem to let it go that her father bit the head off of a bat 20 years ago. So this November, be thankful that your dad is "...just an alcoholic."

Quotable of the week: Ozzy, while hearing about the health of his cat says, "Puss has herpes?" Talk about a bumper-sticker just waiting to happen…

Overall, I found this to be the dullest episode to date. Usually something gets me to laugh out loud throughout the half-hour, but this one did not make me chuckle at all. I almost laughed at Ozzy's attempt to say something to the effect of "all play and no work", but it was showcased in the commercial and I had seen it half a dozen times. Hopefully this was just a slow week in the MTV editing room. I hope next week involves fire.

Tuesday at 10:30 on MTV. Bring your sister.

Andrew Preston


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