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A Battlestar Fan
Won Over

It has been a while since a sci-fi show has been as mesmerizing as Battlestar Galactica. With all the debates, and frustrations of the original TV series’ fans, BSG has molded a new universe that hits questions of humanity to the core.

Don’t get me wrong, the old series was fun. Heck, I grew up with it, and would beg my parents to take me to Universal Studios Hollywood just to take the back lot tour and get awed by the Cylons and that lone colonial viper pilot who shoots his lasers and splits the toaster in half.

Well, that series is no more. It was fun while it lasted, but this new BSG is definitely an upgrade. Season 3 is about to take flight, and we are in a reality and time where machines have turned on their former masters and have destroyed all the colonies. A fleet of survivors have fled into the abyss of space for hope, and have sought out the last hope for mankind to survive -- a myth of a planet and a colony that has split off from the others into deep space, and that myth is Earth.

As hokey as that sounds, it sets the premise of both BSGs, but this time with a twist. Beyond the basic idea of Cylons vs. Man, names of characters, and basic ship designs, nothing is the same.

Battlestar is a great show, simply because it delves into the human psyche as to what should be right and wrong, and once you feel you know what that concept is, it often makes you suddenly take the opposite side. This show brings out the best in both ideologies it sets forth, and then brings about the worst. Season 3 is about to start, and as James Olmos stated many, many times at the convention “This season will be the darkest ever.”

Start with trying to figure out who, what, or what is up with Baltar and his intriguing relationship with Six (The hot blond human Cylon). Whether she is his imagination, or there is something at play here, has been a mystery since the pilot episode. There has always been that doubt in everyone’s mind as to which one of the humans is in fact a Cylon.

At Comic-Con, what did in fact intrigue me most was how ballsy the writers sounded in where they were taking the series. As most dramas will take the apparent white vs. black racial issue and give it a subtle twist, BSG takes issues like that and simplifies it all no matter what the social issue today is, and put it in the Cylon vs. Human world and deal with it there.

As a viewer, you have the choice to interpret today’s social problem either by sympathizing with Cylons or Humans, or even by feeding your mind with questions on why you have chosen that particular side.

We seem to be predestined to hate the Cylons for what they have done to the humans in season 1. In season 2, we start to understand more and more how the Cylons operate and by the end of the season we ask ourselves if a half breed should be a good thing or a bad thing? Should we trust the fact that we can love unconditionally or should that take a backseat and use all logic in staying alive? What is more important sustaining life, or following hope to insure life to go on? And my favorite food for thought, when does humanity take that turn and will pursue acts of evil to insure its survival?

How this show invokes these feelings is darn good writing, especially if we are taking Cylons and sympathizing with their characters at some point. Humanizing the inhuman, and dehumanizing what we know is human. Again, beautifully written and integrated into today’s social issues. Besides that, even the cast seems to be great eye candy.

As a precursor to the new season starting there are the Battlestar Galactica WEBISODES. Each slowly brings the finale of season 2 and beginning of season 3 closer together as the back stories are being told to prepare you for a highly anticipated season. As the panel and Olmos hinted, you will see the darkest show on television this season, where humanity is a very ugly thing. From just the first two webisodes you will get the idea of where the season will start to take off, and what issues will start to rise to the surface, this, and it’s only a several minute webisode.

One wonders if they will ever go back to trying to find Earth, and with all that is going on, does it really matter? I mean, we have our own problems I think.


Mish'al Samman

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