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Kids, Don't Try This At Home:
Spike TV's Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Last month I found myself sitting in a living room, surrounded by twenty other men that were mostly drunk. Keep your gay jokes to yourself because I was having my cherry popped in a different way that night. I was watching my very first episode of Spike TV's Most Extreme Elimination Challenge and now, I just can't stop.

Part Double Dare, part Mystery Science Theater, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge is a Japanese game show called Takashi's Castle where teams of grown men and women compete against each other in a series of goofy stunt courses. Unlike most American game shows however, the stunts are difficult and the contestants often fail in painful looking and hilarious ways.

This leads to choruses of "oooos," "ahhhs" and the occasional "holy s***" when you watch it with a crowd.

To add to the fun, the Japanese dialogue is dubbed over in English, but the translations are not literal. Instead, creators have replaced the show's original dialog with nothing but jokes, ranging from well thought out character bits to riotous one liners.

If you are a fan of Jackass, MST3k, Iron Chef or American Gladiators (with hecklers) then you'll love Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.

Spike TV broadcasts two 30 minute episodes every Saturday night at but there is a three hour marathon this Thursday night (November 11th) starting at 9pm eastern. Take my word for it and watch it. In fact, you'd better tape it so you can show your friends.

Michael Goodson

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