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Childrens Hospital

Two things scare the heck out of children: clowns and hospitals. Combine all three elements and you should have a recipe for disaster. Unless you're Rob Corddry, whose smarmy comic sensibilities have taken their shot with Childrens Hospital.

Though the show launches Sunday night on Adult Swim, it's actually adapted from a webseries Corddry started in 2008. Through July and August each broadcast will be two webisodes, followed in September by all-new segments with a bigger budget and some bigger names - Malin Akerman and Henry Winkler join the cast.

They fit seamlessly in an already strong ensemble. Led by Corddry, the cast skewers modern medical shows like Grey's Anatomy and e/r, but the jokes are all strong enough to work without your knowing the references. That's good, since Megan Mullally's "Chief" was already an old joke even when e/r was still on the air.

The actual plots don't seem to matter much, though Childrens Hospital makes token efforts to have a soap opera feel. More often than not, those are for the sake of running gags, such as Corddry's Dr. Blake Downs being constantly in clown make-up and blood-stained scrubs. Aside from being the most terrifying thing a child in a hospital could see, he's puzzled by the apparent loss of his healing power of laughter.

Yet he's a generous show creator, focusing as much as possible on the rest of the ensemble. Since the first webisodes tend towards parodying Grey's Anatomy, they push Cat Black (Lake Bell) towards the spotlight and in self-absorbed inner monologue. But it's also clear that Owen Maestro (Rob Huebel) will serve as the George Clooney to Corddry's Anthony Edwards - a bizarre harlequin from hell-like Anthony Edwards.

The pilot episodes also feature appearances from Corddry's old Daily Show co-horts, brother Nate Corddry and Ed Helms. Though they have only brief roles, they help set the tone as the handsome sex-crazed doctors that every medical drama needs. Listen carefully and you'll also hear Michael Cera doing announcements on the loudspeaker.

Those loudspeaker jokes are subtler than you might expect, but that, too, is key to this series. The show pays amazing attention to story detail, right down to "previously on…" segments that highlight moments you can't recall (here because they didn't get shown before) that will be important to the upcoming episode. That's followed by the repeated showing of a bi-curious sneeze. Trust me; it will make sense.

Childrens Hospital makes a good addition to the Adult Swim line-up, consistently funny, smart and oh, so wrong in the way that feels oh, so right.

WHEN: Sunday nights at 10:30 on Adult Swim, beginning July 11.

Derek McCaw

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