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original airdate: 12-20-02

For the Captain and Zoe it all started during the war. For the viewers it started sometime later, but at last, Fox shows us Joss Whedon's original vision of Firefly.

The footage during this early part of the pilot is extremely grainy, dark and dirty. It's likely that this was an artistic attempt to make war appear filthy and unpleasant. But the unfortunate side effect is that you can't really see much of what's going on. However, the footage does give a glimpse into the trauma and struggle involved in the war.

There is no clear picture in the pilot of why the war occurred, who the battle was with, or why Zoe and Mal were fighting on the side they'd chosen. The main effect is seeing that they went through a lot of hardship and they fought on the same side.

To introduce us to the crew, the pilot jumps forward six years. They are on a mission to 'salvage' supplies from an abandoned alliance ship. As Zoe, Mal and Jayne work on extracting the goods Wash sits on the bridge of the Serenity playing with his toy dinosaurs. Also on board, Kaylee waits while the three main thieves do their work on the abandoned ship's hull.

An alliance cruiser suddenly, and very inconveniently, arrives to inspect the wreckage. The
firefly tries to play dead but is spotted by the the alliance scanners.

The alliance ship hails them and orders them to stand down to be boarded. Things appear dire for our trusty heroes. Luckily, they already have a contingency plan.

Thirteen klicks away from their current location, they planted a bouy designed to fake the distress signal of a large personnel ship sending out a message they their life support has failed. The alliance ship falls for the decoy and the firefly gets away, almost clean.

In this pilot, the first introduction of Inara is much less romantic and respectable than the portrayal of her character throughout the series. Our first view of the lovely companion involves seeing her bare back while she does the nasty with a client. This particular client seems to have a less than honorable attitude about the experience as well. He suggests that she somehow cheated him out of some time by speeding up her clock. However, no further
matter is made of the accusations.

The cargo Mal and company were stealing was part of a job for the infamous Badger. This is the same unsavory character from the earlier episode where Malcolm almost meets his maker at the end of a sword. Thanks to the Alliance markings on each of the stolen items, and the fact that an all points bulletin has been sent out for the goods, Badger cancels their deal.

So now they've got a whole lot of something stolen from the alliance, and no one to sell it to.

Meanwhile, back at the ship, Kaylee tries to earn the crew some extra money by enticing some passengers on board. This leads to the introduction of Book as he wanders the shipyard looking for a ship. He doesn't seem to care much where the ship is going, only about the look and the feel of it.

In a rarely shown moment of insight, Kaylee recognizes this and offers him the idea that her ship is the most interesting and best available for his money. As a counter, Book bribes his way onto the ship by giving Kaylee a box of fresh strawberries.

She also convinces two others to travel with them: A distinguished gentleman with a large box, the same fella we all know as Simon Tam. And another gentleman whom we don't know, but that seems harmless enough.

Some notable dialog from the pilot episode: Inara and Book talking about Malcolm.
"Why are you so fascinated by him?" - Inara
"Because he's a mystery. Why are you?" - Book
"Because so few men are." - Inara

"They'll rape us to death, eat our flesh and sew our skins to their clothing. And if we're very lucky they'll do it in that order."
- Zoe, speaking of the Reivers

"I didn't think you'd come for me." - River
"Well, you're a dummy." - Simon

"You don't know me, son. So let me explain this to you. If I ever kill you, son, you'll be awake. You'll be facing me and you'll have a weapon."
- Malcolm explaining his philosophy to Simon Tam

One of the most amazing things in this episode was the level of competence each actor had
for his or her character. In many ways they had already nailed the traits and actions that seemed to falter in some later episodes. With the exception of some awkwardness from Book, the remaining characters seemed to be very solid and very consistent with the overall picture developed throughout the season.

Practically every element later introduced slowly throughout the season got packed into this pilot episode. There were the Reivers, the Tam Family, Badger and crew, the Alliance conflict, and of course the evil folks chasing River. The network may have made the right call forcing Whedon to shoot a different pilot. Slowly introducing these plot elements rather than just revisiting key plot points from the pilot works better. That being said, it's nice to now see this story and know how the group of space misfits came together

It's a shame this may be their last.

Kevin Goodman

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