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Mondays, 8 p.m. NBC

This Monday night show follows heavily in the tradition started by Lost. Namely in the “let’s create as many questions as humanly possible in the premiere." Now, I’m not saying that this is a bad thing; leaving the audience with a few questions we desperately want answered can be a great way to get viewers to stick around. But just a warning to TV execs: the premise is starting to wear thin.

Heroes stars a worldly cast of characters, all of whom are about to realize that they are a little different from your basic homo-sapient; they’ve started tapping into the unused portions of their brain and abilities only imagined previously are starting to emerge.

In the pilot episode shown at Comic Con, we are introduced to each potential superhero just as they are starting to realize they might not be an average joe. We start seeing glimpses of abilities as they start to emerge in these ordinary people.

None of these people would stand out in society otherwise, but their new skills are starting to affect their lives as they start to emerge. With Hiro, our Japanese geek, we get a joyful, ebullient reception to “superhero powers” of being able to warp time and space (with amusing attempts to teleport into the ladies bathroom), while in Isaac, a drug addled artist beset with visions of a terrible future, we see how traumatically these powers can affect each persons mind.

They showed us the extended cut at the Con, and all I can say is: SLOW. 72 minutes, while giving lots of little bits and pieces, and plenty of “Hey look, I’m normal” scenes, it honestly just drags too much. When the extended trailer gives you all the information you need as well as the extended cut of the first episode does, you know you’ve got a problem. Hopefully, 72 minutes will be cut to an easy 43 minutes, so that we get a much more streamlined premiere. Otherwise people aren’t going to watch, simply out of boredom.

Heroes feels like another representation of the current popular drama style, given to us by Lost, and continued in Invasion and in small ways Surface: Realistic, in reactions to events, playing off the popularity of reality TV. It’s also very questioning and unrevealing, meaning you’re left with a slightly confused feeling. It’s just enough to frustrate you into wanting to see more, just for some answers, though I have to say it’s not quite as skillful at it as Lost was in the beginning.

This show does have a great cast: all the actors fit their roles perfectly, and I like the fact that none of them are huge names, though you’ve probably seen a few of them around before. The diversity is also a nice change; I enjoy the idea that it’s not just people in the U.S. who are “special," even though they all eventually end up here.

Now, yes, this is a little convenient, but at the same time, that they started in other places makes it feel a little less like “We’re American and of course we’re going to mutate special powers first!”, but makes it more like a global phenomenon; truly involving the species as a whole. Though I will say I am waiting for an African gangster turned priest to show up with the ability to make cocaine appear from the sky.

This show has an interesting premise, but it’s going to need to ramp up a little faster. This first episode just dragged, and while it’s intriguing, the boredom factor is a bit overwhelming at this point.

Judgement: I’ll stick around for 3 episodes. If it doesn’t improve it’s pacing, I’m gone.


Erin Frost

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