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The Emmys Are Here! The Emmys Are Here!

Yes, I cut Patrick Dempsey out of the picture.
It was either him or Katherine Heigl.
So, it’s that time of year again, when some poor actors are dragged out of bed at a relatively ungodly hour (at least on our western half of the country), and made to read off a list of people who might possibly receive a little gold statue. That’s right, they’ve just announced the nominee’s for the 58th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Television (in my very humble opinion) has gotten so much better these last years, with new shows and concepts like Lost and Prison Break, that I do have to respect the ability the committee had in actually whittling down what was probably a HUGE list of possible nominees, down to only five per category. And I have to say, looking at some of the choices, I completely agree with them.

I also disagree. Otherwise, this article would be very boring.

Nominees for Best Drama Series: Grey's Anatomy, ABC; House, Fox; The Sopranos, HBO; 24, Fox; The West Wing, NBC.

There’s a show missing from this list, the very popular show that won this award last year. Why is Lost lost? Well, it has gotten a lot more complicated this season, and while the raving fans love the twists and turns, the people that attempted to review the show probably got, well, lost, and couldn’t figure out what was going on, especially based on one episode, which is all the reviewers get, I believe. Phew. That sentence was as complex as the show. Plus, even some of us diehard fans are a little weary of the massive hairpin turns that keep coming up. I’m getting a little carsick myself, so I can understand Lost being left off this list. I can forgive the Academy this oversight. But just this once.

Now, of what DID get nominated, the only show I haven’t actually seen this season is The Sopranos, and I will refrain from commenting upon it. The rest of the shows I’ve watched in their entirety, and have found them to be entirely too enjoyable for their own good. Grey’s Anatomy, for example, is utterly engaging as we watch the hapless interns do and say things that I could hardly dream of, but also go through some tragic pain, losses, and the drama of life at a hospital. I’ve found it a refreshing replacement for the drudge that ER has become.

House, of course, is just as delightful, but for the sheer orneriness (is that a word… spell check says it is…) of Hugh Laurie’s Dr. House. If I could be that blunt about people’s intelligence, well, I probably wouldn’t be employed, as I’m not as smart as he is. But still, it’s a delightfully refreshing change from the sometimes dreary sappiness of TV doctors with their patients.

And of course, 24. During the course of this season, I have chewed my nails, gaped at the screen, winced, cheered, and at the end, jumped up and down all over my living room in complete, mad glee at the fate of President Logan. It was a thrilling, non-stop season of action, excitement, revenge, guns, gas, and explosions. Like Pirates of the Caribbean, only without the pirates and stuff. Worthy of a nomination, and of a win.

The West Wing… ah, my delightful politicians. A show that, in its heyday, was a haven of excellent writing and acting, and a true example of some of the finest television ever produced. This has been its swan song, with the loss of actor John Spencer, and the end of the Bartlett Administration. It was a good ride, and while this wasn’t their best season it was still a powerful and interesting year, and if not worthy of an Emmy by itself, then the series is worth one as a whole.

The hope: Any of the four network shows could win, and I’d be thrilled.
The prediction: Grey’s Anatomy. The writing, acting, and stories are too good to pass up. Meaning, I’ll be happy.

Watch out for the wrench blade!
Comedy Series: Arrested Development, Fox; Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO; The Office, NBC; Scrubs, NBC; Two and a Half Men, CBS.

I’m beginning to get annoyed. And I’m not sure who to blame: the Academy or the cable companies. Because for so many years, we keep seeing these cable television shows getting nominated, but since they show on premium channels, your average Joe Schmoe can’t actually see them to rate how good they are. And by the time the DVDs come out, it’s too damn late to give an opinion on an Emmy nomination list. So sadly, while I keep hearing about Curb Your Enthusiasm (and for the below and above categories, The Sopranos, Huff and Six Feet Under) I’m not able to actually say anything but "I hear they’re not too shabby.”

That rant aside, Two and a Half Men needs to be kicked off this list. Preferably by an NFL kicker, who can possibly get the damn thing out of the stadium. Because every time I’ve seen this show, it has been absolutely anything but entertaining. There have been a few moments when I’ve given a snort of amusement, but nothing that had me rolling in the aisles like Scrubs, and scenes from The Office.

Instead of Two and a Half Idiots, I would have been thrilled to see the freshman comedy How I Met Your Mother on this list. If you haven’t seen it, you should really give it a shot, as the idea is delightfully different, and the characters are delightfully quirky. And while I know it didn’t happen, Neil Patrick Harris needs an Emmy nomination for best supporting actor, because he’s by far the scene stealer in the show. My friends and I have been played “Haaaaave you met Ted?” all season long.

But since I’ve been denied the pleasure of HIMYM (pronounce that!) of the three remaining shows, I’m simply going to say that my vote rests with Scrubs. While Arrested Development is good, and really deserves an Emmy-award winning exit, and while The Office is my cubicle times 3, Scrubs really strikes me as just a simple, heartwarmingly hysterical television show, and it really deserves some credit this year.

The Hope: Scrubs
The Prediction: Two and a Half Men. Because the Academy likes to piss me off.


Erin Frost

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