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The Evolution Continues...

When certain movies get released to DVD, it's hard to fight the urge to run out and get them. Even now, who still hasn't picked up The Fellowship of the Rings for fear of a far cooler version coming down the pike, most likely the week after you break down and buy it?

Such was the case with Bryan Singer's brilliant take on X-Men. Before the initial video release, rumors circulated that there was far more waiting for us than Fox was willing to give at the time.

Actually, the studio was pretty much stuck between a rock and a hard place. They could take the time to put together the extras package fans would want, or they could keep those fans from storming the gates demanding a timely home video release.

And now, both worlds will be satisfied. On February 11th, Fox will release that long-rumored X-Men DVD, cleverly called X-Men 1.5, with just about all the bells and whistles you could want. At a suggested $26.98, the DVD also takes a page from the Disney cross-promotional juggernaut and includes a free movie ticket for either Daredevil or X-Men 2. Well-played, Fox, well-played.

Why should you be drooling if you already have the DVD? Take a gander at this:

  • Branched enhanced viewing mode, enabling viewers to see and hear behind-the-scenes commentary as they watch the film. This technique has shown up on a few deluxe edition discs in the last year or so, including Disney's Atlantis, and for fans of commentary, this really is the way to go.
  • HBO "Mutant Watch" featurette.
  • New deleted scenes. Though again long rumored to include origin sequences for Cyclops and Storm, in our interview last August, Bryan Singer denied that this section has anything more than trims off of existing scenes.
  • New commentary from Bryan Singer, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Hugh Jackman. If nothing else, there's something surreal and fanboy vindicating about three acting powerhouses talking comics.
  • "The Uncanny Suspects" featurette.
  • "X-Factor: The Look of X-Men" featurette.
  • "The Special Effects of the X-Men" featurette.
  • Multi-angle scenes - "Train Splitting," "Fight Rehearsal," and "Fight on Liberty's Torch."
  • Internet interstitials.
  • Theatrical and International premiere footage.
  • Theatrical trailers and TV Spots.
  • Stills: concept art, story boards, behind-the-scenes gallery
  • Image gallery
  • X-Men 2 sizzle reel. This could be what Singer showed at Comic-Con last summer, and then again, it could be even more.
  • One Easter Egg. Well, if Fox told us what it was, I guess it wouldn't really be an Easter Egg, then, would it?

    We'll be following up with more on this disc once a copy reaches our offices. Now if only Warner Brothers would give the same treatment to Tim Burton's Batman films…

    X-Men 1.5

    Derek McCaw


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