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Green Lantern:
Extended Cut

No matter how hard they tried, Warner Brothers could not create a special Green-Ray disc for Green Lantern. They had to go with the now traditional Blu-Ray, and the package they put together for the home release is pretty extensive, including an Extended Cut which, yes, does improve upon the theatrical release.

Entertaining but not as epic and weighty as fans had hoped, the footage added back in deepens some emotional nuance to what should have been the movie's central triangle. The original theatrical version (reviewed for Fanboy Planet by Lon Lopez) is included as well, but it's more satisfying cutting from Parallax's initial escape to Earth in 1993 to establish a young Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris and the socially awkward Hector Hammond.

It's here as well that we catch a glimpse of Jon Stewart, the man who is the Green Lantern of the animated Justice League Unlimited and familiar as such to a generation. While these nods don't completely anchor all the emotional beats of the movie, they do go a long way toward fixing them.

Delve further into the Deleted Scenes to find even more satisfaction. The special effects are not done beyond placeholder background graphics. ("They look like they're wearing pajamas!" mused Kid McCaw, insisting on watching all the extras in a desperate bid to avoid bedtime and startled by the sight of motion capture suits.)

Despite that, a couple of the scenes have an extra oomph building a relationship between Sinestro (Mark Strong) and Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) – and explaining why Sinestro would actually have an opinion about Hal's personality later in the movie.

Because it must be so, there are featurettes explaining the special effects and convincing viewers that Ryan Reynolds absolutely had to play Hal Jordan. More importantly for fans of Green Lantern, this set includes two cross-media lures.

First, DC Comics' New 52 gets a boost by including a digital copy of Justice League #1. The only annoyance with that is that it's self-paced as it scrolls from panel to panel. If you're a fast reader, you will be frustrated.

The other great extra is around five minutes' worth of footage from the upcoming Green Lantern: the Animated Series. Done in CG but still reminiscent of Bruce Timm's classic designs, it looks like it will be balancing between comedy and drama, with a major menace from the Red Lanterns.

And by the way, the sound of a Red Lantern using his Rage Vomit power is as disgusting as you might imagine, but Kid McCaw loved it, laughing as he was grossed out.

The final judgment on Green Lantern is that home video, it's a movie to pop in when looking for some spectacle, not requiring too much concentration if you've seen it before. It's fun, and also clear that if Warner Brothers does go forward with Green Lantern 2, they have the pieces to make it better.

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Derek McCaw

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