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Grant Morrison
Talking With Gods

"What if I'm right, and the world isn't coming to an end, but about to be born?"

Concepts like that would be why, once at a press conference for Grant Morrison and Deepak Chopra, Michael Goodson leaned over and whispered, "he just blew your mind, didn't he?" I'm still waiting for the collaboration between the two, as they were both there to promote Virgin Comics, which had been co-founded by Chopra's son, Gotham.

But that moment has stuck with me over the years since, whenever I go back and re-read an old Morrison work, or get to experience a new one. Goodson was right; I love many writers' work, some of whom participate in this documentary. But Morrison stands above -- or at least keeps aiming above.

Sometimes he can be pretty hard to understand or defend, but after watching this documentary, I'm heartened to see that others in the business agree, but, as Matt Fraction puts it, he always sticks the landing.

This recently completed documentary begins with Morrison waiting patiently in the darkness, about to go on for a panel at Comic-Con. Through interviews with him and his peers, plus archive footage, the light begins to shine around him. Even though it puts out an overall positive and admiring image of one of the top writers in comics (and secretly influential thinker), Talking with Gods also unapologetically offers up the moments of Morrison's life that make people wonder about his sanity.

Heck, after reading some of his work, I've wondered, too, but I love it, as do his collaborators. You don't just get a glimpse at Morrison, you also see a panoply of well-known artists who worked with Morrison at various stages of his career. Where else will you see the legendary Dez Skinn? Has anyone else noticed that Frank Quitely looks an awful lot like he draws?

Morrison considers himself a bit of a foil to Alan Moore, himself the subject of a fascinating documentary a couple of years back. Until watching this I didn't know there was any sort of acrimony between the two, which is a shame because they share so many interests.

Morrison comes off a lot sunnier than Moore, though. Even though he's had his dark moments, it's clear that this talented writer has a lot of hope to offer our culture, and if you're not already a fan, this documentary will make you one. If you are a fan, please follow the link and get this DVD!

Derek McCaw

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