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Pirates of the Caribbean:
Dead Man's Chest

Just like a pirate, I'm apparently easily distracted by shiny baubles. The very cover of Dead Man's Chest suckered me in; it's a strange 3-D thing which reflects the real world in green behind the images of the cast. Allegedly, that feature has a limited shelf life, all the better to make you buy this for Christmas.

Which, of course, you probably will, because Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest was easily one of the most fun movies of the year, reviewed here.

Yet critics of that film's spectacle will admittedly find much confirmed within this release. Simultaneously a celebration and a surprisingly honest look at the production, this two-disc special edition has a lot to offer - though no deleted scenes. As some complained, pretty much everything made it to the screen.

Ah, but how that all was put together is just one of the controversies examined. Screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (professionally an ampersand) provide commentary in which they're still clearly unsure about some of director Gore Verbinski's decisions. Easily the best commentators on the first film (which featured three different tracks), the two offer a lot of insight into the production and again, just how stories should be put together.

Just as a side note, though, guys, let's stop talking about how your challenge was to make the sequels look like part of a planned trilogy all along. Admitting this pretty much defeats the purpose. Trust us, you were clever enough as it was.

Their tensions also come to the fore in the documentary featurettes on the second disc. Some of their struggles with Verbinski made it on camera, and at one point, when things start heating up, they retire to another room. At issue - a rushed production that began design without a script. Apparently that also meant some sequences imposed upon the screenwriters because Verbinski's designers had already figured out how to do them.

It seems hard to fathom in light of its success, but at more than one point in that development process, the crew (cast seems pretty much oblivious to this) feared that the movie would never happen.

So yes, it's a film full of spectacle and set piece after set piece. Seen in that light, it's perhaps a miracle that the script hangs together as well as it does. Certainly, the spectacle has a lot to offer, and the DVD takes us behind that with the challenges of both Davy Jones (with Bill Nighy's rollicking performance beneath the motion capture dots) and the Kraken. The stunt work gets a couple of featurettes, too, which should amuse some kids and probably terrify their parents.

If you look closely for Easter Eggs, you can steer your children to safer jobs in the film business: catering, perhaps, or the odd but necessary set job of coconut picking.

The Disney Imagineers get a spotlight, too, as the theme park ride got a redo this last summer. On the first film's DVD release, Disney added their original film of the 1967 ride opening, which is quoted from a bit. With the blessing of the ride's designer, they've spruced it up with figures of Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush, both of whom seem happily nonplussed about being immortalized in a theme park. At least, immortalized until the next rehab.

Something about the Pirates franchise has certainly made Depp a lot more accessible. An actor who seemed to shy away from the idea of being a franchise, he really threw himself into his appearance on the ride. The results show; while riding it himself, he comments to the camera, "that's just weird," upon seeing his audioanimatronic doppelganger. It is. But it's also really cool.

Chalk this one up on the Fanboy Planet Holiday Gift Guide - even if it's a gift for yourself. It's not quite as exhaustive as the presentation on the first film, but that's a good thing. Disney has to save something up for the home video of At World's End.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

Derek McCaw


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