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Bambi II Beats Wallace & Gromit...
Prince of the Forest To Take On Godzilla Next...

It seems that this is a week for Fanboy Planet to delve into the direct-to-video market. Not only did we hear from Dark Horse Indie about their plans with Image Entertainment for home video, Sony released Mirrormask on DVD just Tuesday. (Yes, it had a theatrical release but barely made a million.)

And now this news comes from Buena Vista Home Video. It's not so much that Bambi II is destined to become a family classic; sure, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it will run at least twenty times in my house over the next few months. But it points to something larger that the studios are unsure about but eager to jump into -- Direct to Video has developed power over entertainment consumers. It helps to have the name "Bambi" attached, but no matter how you slice it, this is some public response

From Buena Vista:

In its first week of availability, Walt Disney Pictures’ BAMBI II sold over 2.6 million units on DVD in North America, it was announced today by Bob Chapek, President of Buena Vista Home Entertainment (NYSE: DIS). The sequel to “Bambi,” the 1942 Academy Award® nominated¹ family film, BAMBI II is on track to become another Disney animated treasure.

"BAMBI II continues the legacy that Walt began many decades ago and we are thrilled that consumers across the country have become enamored by BAMBI II in such a wonderful way,” said Chapek. “Our research indicated that consumers were very excited about this film. But, no amount of research could have ever predicted this type of overwhelming response. As a result, we are working diligently to keep retail stores in stock given the huge consumer demand.”

In tribute to the 70th anniversary of Walt Disney’s inception of his animated classic, BAMBI, Walt Disney Home Entertainment will place the extraordinary, must-own Disney DVD BAMBI II under moratorium just 70 days after its street date.

“The success of BAMBI II is very exciting,” said Sharon Morrill, President of DisneyToon Studios. “Director Brian Pimental and his amazing group of artists deserve enormous credit for bringing this beautiful film to life.”

Produced by DisneyToon Studios, BAMBI II is the heartwarming story of a son’s courage and a father’s love. The continuing story finds the young fawn reunited with his father, The Great Prince (voice by Patrick Stewart), who must now teach Bambi (voiced by Finding Nemo’s Alexander Gould) the ways of the forest. Their adventure together helps them overcome their initial awkward relationship, and allows father and son to discover in each other something neither expected: family.

DVD bonus materials include “The Legacy Continues” Featurette on the making of the film; and games and activities including “Thumper’s Hurry and Scurry,” “Bambi Trivia Tracks,” “Disney Sketch Pad,” and DVD-ROM “Disney Sketch Pad” printables, where Disney animator Andreas Dejas teaches you how to draw Thumper.

Derek McCaw


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