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Silicon Valley Sci Fi Thriller S.E.R.P.
Coming To Blu-Ray In December

Last Autumn, members of the Fanboy Planet podcast attended a screening at Camera 7 of an independent science fiction -- or is it? -- film starring actor Robert Sean Campbell and directed by Mark Schwab, who until last year had been a high school media teacher.

A taut thriller about a brilliant computer programmer whose search engine comes up with a response the government doesn't like, the film has even more resonance in the wake of recent NSA revelations.

Before it even launches to the public, the search engine determines objectively that the government is evil. So a shadowy agency abducts the programmer to try and find some sort of flaw in the system that will return a different answer.

It's a piece about ideas, as the enforcers come face to face with their own morality doing a job that may require no morality at all. And a young man seeking only knowledge realizes that there may be too great a price to pay.

S.E.R.P. will be available through Amazon starting December 3rd, but you can pre-order it here now!

Derek McCaw


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