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Doctor Who Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2015: Doctor Who Cast Voicing LEGO Dimensions by Derek McCaw (07-09-15)
That should be LEGO Dimensions in Time and Space...

Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood by Drew Simchik (10-19-14)
Catching up on Drew's reviews with the first "comic" episode of the season...

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek by Drew Simchik (10-16-14)
Can the Doctor learn to do something with a soldier beyond giving orders?

Doctor Who: Deep Breath by Drew Simchik (08-25-14)
A new face who wears an old face... is Peter Capaldi The Doctor?

Cosplaying As The 12th Doctor by Ric Bretschneider (01-30-14)
There seems to be a shoe scandal! Ric has updated with even more costume options!

The New Who: First Look At The New Companion by Ric Bretschneider (01-29-14)
In this new incarnation, it isn't the Doctor who lies...

Doctor Who: You're Not My REAL Doctor by Jason Salazar (01-28-14)
Jason echoes hundreds of thousands of fans who will get over it...

Doctor Who: First Official Photo Of Peter Capaldi In Costume (01-27-14)
"Monsters of the universe, Capaldi is suited and booted and coming to get you!"

Doctor Who: City of Death by Drew Simchik (12-27-13)
We forgot to mention: here's Drew's #1 all-time favorite Doctor Who story!

The Eleventh Doctor and Other Fairy Tales by Derek McCaw (12-27-13)
Gathering thoughts on what Matt Smith's run was really about...

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor by Drew Simchik (12-27-13)
How did the farewell to Matt Smith truly stack up?

Video: A Timelord Christmas (12-26-13)
Will this soothe the pain in our hearts?

Moron Vs. Fanboy - Doctor Who's 50th by Lon Lopez and Derek McCaw (12-12-13)
What happens when you explain the Doctor to someone who just doesn't care?

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor by Drew Simchik (11-26-13)
Everybody seen it by now? LET'S TALK ABOUT IT!!

Doctor Who: Kinda by Drew Simchik (11-22-13)
Is Doctor Who any good? Kinda... but I think it's pronounced differently...

Doctor Who: Enlightenment by Drew Simchik (11-22-13)
#3 in Drew's list of favorite episodes... will "The Day of the Doctor" knock one off?

Doctor Who: Snakedance by Drew Simchik (11-21-13)
#4 in Drew's list of favorite episodes...

Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders by Drew Simchik (11-20-13)
Counting down with Drew's Top 5 episodes... here, the first dramatically driven regeneration...

Doctor Who: New Who Favorites, 2005-2013 by Drew Simchik (11-20-13)
Getting close to the 50th Anniversary... celebrate Eccleston, Tennant and Smith!

Doctor Who: Classic Who Favorites, 1977-1989 by Drew Simchik (11-19-13)
From Baker to Davidson to Baker to McCoy...

Doctor Who: Classic Who Favorites, 1963-1977 by Drew Simchik (11-15-13)
Drew goes deeper than many in his Whovian status, so it's best to listen to him!.

Review: Doctor Who: The Night of the Doctor by Drew Simchik (11-14-13)
Let us not leave our resident Doctor Who critic out of the conversation!.

Review: Doctor Who: The Fox TV Movie by Drew Simchik (11-14-13)
For reasons that have probably become clear, Drew looks back at the Eighth Doctor....

VIDEO: Doctor Who: The Night of the Doctor by Derek McCaw (11-14-13)
Just in case there was one part of you not vibrating in anticipation of "The Day of the Doctor"...

The BBC Confirms Lost Doctor Who Episodes Found? by Derek McCaw (10-08-13)
Exciting news out of the U.K... but there are still grains of salt...

Sam Bower's Jokes of the Week: Doctor Who Jokes by Sam Bowers (08-14-13)
Sam invites your editor-in-chief to provide commentary on the 12th Doctor...

Doctor Who: The Name Of The Doctor by Drew Simchik (08-04-13)
Phew! Just in time for today's announcement..

SDCC 2013: Just The Doctors (07-21-13)
To honor today's panel, glimpse the BBC-America booth and those who dress as the Doctor...

Doctor Who: Nightmare In Silver by Drew Simchik (07-10-13)
Why you should never play chess against the lone survivor of a genocidal android race...

Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror by Drew Simchik (07-09-13)
"Do you know what these are? THE WRONG HANDS!"

Doctor Who: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS by Drew Simchik (07-05-13)
Clara meets Clara meets Clara...

Doctor Who: Cold War by Drew Simchik (05-28-13)
The Doctor and Clara go on a hunt for Green October...

Doctor Who: The Rings of Akhaten by Drew Simchik (05-11-13)
Ah, yes... so much potential. Just like this episode...

Doctor Who: The Bells of Saint John by Drew Simchik (05-07-13)
Working our way through Drew's "lost" reviews -- starting with the return of Clara!

Doctor Who: The Snowmen by Drew Simchik (01-02-13)
Drew just got back from Thailand to offer forth his own Great Intelligence...

Video: Doctor Who: The Snowmen Trailer (12-12-12)
Is it wrong that THIS is why I can hardly wait for Christmas?

Doctor Who: Trailer For "The Snowmen" (11-16-12)
Richard E. Grant and Killer Snowmen... this might be the greatest Christmas special of all...

Doctor Who: The Great Detective (11-16-12)
Victorian London. Justice stalks the streets... for a couple of minutes...

Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan by Drew Simchik (10-05-12)
...annnnnd I'm rethinking that Spring-time visit to New York City...

Doctor Who: The Power of Three by Drew Simchik (09-27-12)
Time spent with friends is the best time of all?

Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy by Drew Simchik (09-21-12)
...a review without pity...

Doctor Who: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship by Drew Simchik (09-13-12)
You have to admire a title so bluntly perfect...

Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks by Drew Simchik (09-04-12)
Who frightens the Daleks?

Video: Pond Life Episode 5 (08-31-12)
Until tomorrow, then...

Video: Pond Life Episode 4 (08-30-12)
Sing it with me now... "Everybody ought to have an Ood..."

Video: Pond Life Episode 3 (08-29-12)
Great. There's something in the bathroom...

Video: Pond Life Episode 2 (08-28-12)
"We have a rule about the bedroom!"

Video: Pond Life Episode 1 (08-27-12)
Rory and Amy enjoy domestic life while the Doctor surfs...

Comic-Con 2012: The Doctor Who Panel by Steph Rodriguez (07-19-12)
Saying good-bye to the Ponds and hello to... WHAT on a spaceship?

First Official Pic of the New Doctor Who Companion by Derek McCaw (03-19-12)
Jenna-Louise Coleman standing in front of the TARDIS... it must be real!

VIDEO: Neil Gaiman's Favorite Doctor Who Season 6 Moments (12-13-11)
Gaiman reminisces, and even doesn't pick his own episode as his favorite!

Doctor Who Meets The Proclaimers (10-30-11)
...and then we'll return to your Fanboy Planet, already in progress...

Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song by Drew Simchik (10-04-11)
Now in three different versions depending on your attention spa...hey, come back here!

Doctor Who: Closing Time by Drew Simchik (09-28-11)
Every new beginning is some other new beginning's end...

Doctor Who: The God Complex by Drew Simchik (09-20-11)
We who like minotaurs salute you...

Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited by Drew Simchik (09-13-11)
Where did Amy get all those wonderful toys?

Doctor Who: Night Terrors by Drew Simchik (09-07-11)
Monsters are real, but the dollhouse isn't?

Doctor Who: Let's Kill Hitler! by Drew Simchik (08-29-11)
Nazis, time-traveling miniature executioners and the Doctor in formal wear. This one has it all!

Doctor Who: "Let's Kill Hitler" Prequel (08-15-11)
The BBC releases a little something to whet your appetite...

Doctor Who: The Daleks by Drew Simchik (08-12-11)
How frightening was it the first time British children heard "EXTERMINATE!!!"

Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child by Drew Simchik (08-09-11)
While waiting for the second half of Season 6, Drew goes back to the very beginning...

Comic-Con 2011: The Doctor Who Panel, Part 2! by Steph Rodriguez (07-28-11)
A panel so big one page could not hold it all!

Comic-Con 2011: The Doctor Who Panel! by Steph Rodriguez (07-28-11)
Karen Gillan and Matt Smith conquer San Diego -- plus preview videos!

Blu-ray Review: Doctor Who, Series 6 Part 1 by Derek McCaw (07-20-11)
Everything we have so far in a nice hi def package...TARDIS not included. Sorry.

Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War by Drew Simchik (07-19-11)
Did the Doctor read Twilight?

Doctor Who: The Almost People by Drew Simchik (07-18-11)
An episode that caused controversy among the fans...

Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh by Drew Simchik (07-14-11)
Perhaps we should call them the Pillsbury People...

Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife by Drew Simchik (07-11-11)
Oh, that glorious thief...

Doctor Who: Curse of the Black Spot by Drew Simchik (07-09-11)
Does loving the Doctor win out over hating pirate stories?

Doctor Who: Day of the Moon by Drew Simchik (06-30-11)
Thanks to Drew, we can do a little critical catching up on the season before Torchwood...

Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut by Steph Rodriguez (05-02-11)
The Silence will fall...but ratings will rise in the U.S.!

Doctor Who: The Impossible Nixon (03-26-11)
The BBC posts a video prelude to Season 6 -- Nixon! Tapes! Creepiness, but not CREEP!

Doctor Who: A Summing Up For Tomorrow by Drew Simchik (03-22-11)
We're more than halfway out of the dark, so let's see where the light has taken us...

Doctor Who: "Space/Time" (03-18-11)
I'll say it here and now, who can blame Rory?

Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang by Drew Simchik (08-24-10)
This season the Doctor ends with a good one/two punch that raises more questions...

Doctor Who: The Lodger by Drew Simchik (08-02-10)
The Doctor becomes a Man About The House...

Doctor Who: Vincent And The Doctor by Drew Simchik (07-27-10)
If only someone had called Don McLean...

Doctor Who: Cold Blood by Drew Simchik (07-21-10)
Confusion over zoological classifcation... hey, what's with those lizard tongues?

Doctor Who: The Hungry Earth by Drew Simchik (07-20-10)
In which the Doctor reveals himself to possibly be the golden age Green Lantern...

Doctor Who: Amy's Choice by Drew Simchik (07-20-10)
Enter the Dream Lord, who looks an awful lot like Truman Capote...

Doctor Who: Vampires of Venice by Steph Rodriguez (05-23-10)
"What's so scary it doesn't mind us thinking it's a vampire?".

Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone by Steph Rodriguez (05-12-10)
Mysteries unveiled and more added as the Doctor takes a final (?) stand against the Angels...

Doctor Who: The Time of Angels by Steph Rodriguez (05-07-10)
The Weeping Angels return, and this time, it's personal...

Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks by Steph Rodriguez (04-13-10)
Let's make Dalek tomato frames for our victory gardens...

Doctor Who: The Beast Below by Steph Rodriguez (04-13-10)
"If I do this, I can't be the Doctor anymore..."

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour by Derek McCaw (04-05-10)
The Eleventh Doctor is here ... is everybody happy?

Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part 1 by Steph Rodriguez (12-27-09)
I'm still a little perplexed by the blond hair on the Master...

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead by Jamie Kelwick (04-13-09)
...and just when the Doctor was about to tell us what really happened at the first Easter...

Doctor Who: Midnight by Jamie Kelwick (07-02-08)
The Doctor learns why family vacations are so deadly...

Doctor Who: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead by Jamie Kelwick (06-20-08)
Thank you, Doctor, for explaining exactly WHY I should be afraid of the dark...

Doctor Who: The Unicorn and the Wasp by Jamie Kelwick (06-17-08)
Dark doings at a country mansion...only the Doctor and the plucky Donna can help!

Doctor Who: The Doctor's Daughter by Jamie Kelwick (06-13-08)
The Doctor proves to be no deadbeat dad...

Doctor Who: The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky by Jamie Kelwick (06-04-08)
At no point does the Doctor tell the Sontarans to put on their angry eyes...

Doctor Who: "Planet of the Ood" by Jamie Kelwick (04-29-08)
No matter how you slice them, they come out creepy...

Doctor Who: "The Fires of Pompeii" by Jamie Kelwick (04-23-08)
Ancient Rome holds new terrors for the Doctor and Donna...

Doctor Who: Partners In Crime by Jamie Kelwick (04-09-08)
Both Catherine Tate and Jamie Kelwick return, and we are not bovvered...

Doctor Who: Time Crash by Derek McCaw (11-18-07)
A little minisode (thanks to YouTube) to whet your appetite -- twice the TARDIS!

Doctor Who: The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords by Jamie Kelwick (07-10-07)
You simply can't beat the human spirit...

Doctor Who Gets Two New Companions by Derek McCaw (07-04-07)
First, he gets a Disco Diva, and then...

Doctor Who: Utopia by Jamie Kelwick (07-03-07)
The Doctor learns what was meant by "you are not alone..."

Doctor Who: Blink by Jamie Kelwick (06-15-07)
How to make an extremely terrifying television show with inanimate objects...

Doctor Who: Human Nature/Family of Blood by Jamie Kelwick (06-07-07)
Hunted through time, the Doctor learns what it means to be human...

Doctor Who: 42 by Jamie Kelwick (05-30-07)
Far less Douglas Adams than Jack Bauer...

Doctor Who: The Lazarus Experiment by Jamie Kelwick (05-10-07)
When humans start to regenerate, the Doctor has to investigate...

Doctor Who: Daleks In New York/Evolution of the Daleks by Jamie Kelwick (05-03-07)
Who knew that the Daleks had such a flair for Broadway comedy?

Doctor Who: Gridlock by Jamie Kelwick (05-03-07)
And you thought YOUR commute was bad...

Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Code by Jamie Kelwick (04-17-07)
"I might use that someday..."

Doctor Who: Smith and Jones by Jamie Kelwick (04-13-07)
It's raining on the moon...

Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride by Jamie Kelwick (01-03-07)
Last Christmas, we gave Who our hearts...

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