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Whatever The Case May Be
original airdate: 01-05-05

Like this episode, there are two fairly recent movies that feature a mysterious metal case. One is Pulp Fiction. The other is Ronin. Pulp Fiction, hailed by many as a “modern classic”, has so many other compelling characters and storylines that in the end, what’s inside the case is neither revealed nor critical to the success of the film. Ronin, on the other hand, is a mediocre movie held together by some skilled actors and a few truly superb car chases. In that movie not finding out what’s in the case is a let down because it was ostensibly the raison d’etre for the overall story. That and the fact that the peripheral storylines, including the oft-mentioned friendship between the characters played by Mr. De Niro and Mr. Reno, are only slightly interesting.

Unfortunately this episode of LOST is too much Ronin and not enough Pulp Fiction. And even though the audience learns what’s in the mysterious case, it’s a let down (at least for now).

The main story starts with Kate and Sawyer finding a waterfall. While frolicking in the pool at the base of the falls, they discover a locked metal briefcase. Kate claims it hers, but Sawyer calls her bluff and soon demonstrates that on mysterious tropical islands, possession is ten tenths of the law. In hindsight it makes little sense that Kate relinquishes the case so easily, given the efforts she later makes to regain it.

So while Kate and Sawyer play their odd, flirtatious, game of keep-away, nothing much happens with the rest of the camp. Sure there’s a relocation due to a sudden tidal change. And sure, Shannon and Sayid might be starting a romance as the two team up to decipher the documents he stole from Rousseau (aka Crazy French Woman aka Delenn. Oh wait, wrong show…)

But what we don’t see is follow-up to Boone and Locke’s discovery. At best the omission is disappointing. At worst it’s insulting to fans that stick by the show despite breaks in the schedule. Instead the audience learns that both Michael and, more surprisingly, Hurley lost their luggage (“I’ll take attaché cases for $600 Alex…”) Oh, and that Sun still isn’t speaking English publicly (which is just stupid and impractical at this point).

There are also several Kate flashbacks showing her involvement in a bank heist. There are two twists here. Most viewers will spot the first a mile away. But the second is slyer. Both clearly show Kate’s obsession with the contents of the case. But that strategy backfires when the case is finally opened and viewers let out a collective “huh?”

The preview for the next episode surprisingly revealed a lot of major developments. So maybe the writers decided to give the audience a breather this week. Or maybe the preview was a way to say “Um, sorry for the mediocre episode. See, next week will be exciting. So please keep watching.”

They shouldn’t worry. Even a mediocre episode of LOST is better than most TV these days.


Chris Crotty

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