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Hearts and Minds
original airdate: 01-12-05

There’s a lot happening in this episode. Maybe a little too much. Some it makes you shrug and hope they get back to juicy stuff. But most of it works very well and adds up to a very captivating hour.

After a disappointing detour last week, the main story picks up with Locke and Boone’s efforts to unearth and/or excavate the mysterious metal hatch. Or is that Locke’s efforts to unearth and/or excavate Boone’s soul?

Locke is downright fascinating here. Always caring about others in his own way, he’s at one moment caring and philosophical while at the next menacing and Machiavellian. Terry O’Quinn has provided a lot of solid but rarely acknowledged support work over the years. So it’s nice to see him have the opportunity to wow audiences with one of most intriguing roles on television.

Alas, the pair never get into the hatch. Some viewers might wonder why they haven’t dug out more during the last two days. But it really doesn’t matter because Locke sets Boone on a journey of self reflection that’s more than adequate to keep audience’s attention. This journey includes minimal yet effective flashbacks showing Boone’s relationship with Shannon pre-island. Seems sis has a history of manipulating Boone to extract money from her stepmother.

Kudos to the writers for taking a dare regarding other aspects of their relationship; too bad they didn’t go even further and really cause a stir (what do you expect? Disney still signs the paychecks, and Desperate Housewives has probably used up the bulk of “Executive tolerance”)

Oh, and nice moment with Sawyer in the background at the Sydney police station. Five seconds that once again raise the neat idea that the lives of all of the survivors intersected somehow before the crash.

The Locke-Boone storyline also includes a compelling foreground jungle chase that leaves the viewer guessing until the end in two different ways. First, is it real or a delusion? And if it’s a delusion, did Locke’s “wound goo” play a role or was it “the island?”

That latter possibility once again raises the question of whether or not Jack, Kate, and Charlie really saw the pilot being snatched by some treetop hugging monster. Good stuff all around.

Meanwhile there are interspersed scene-lets of life back at camp. The exchanges range from comical (Hurley is like the Kramer of the island, but more practical minded) to thought provoking (Is the island wonky or did Locke mess with the compass?) to, well, boring (seeds anybody?).

As with last week, fans should really questions Sun-pretending-not-to-speak English subplot. If she’s planting gardens and orchards, she must think she’s going to be there awhile. So does hiding her language ability still make sense? And really, would Jin react that negatively given their current circumstances?

Overall, another solid episode in which the writers recaptured the “hmm...factor” that will no doubt keep fans coming back for a lot more.

Chris Crotty

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