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Birds of Prey: Lady Shiva by Derek McCaw (12-02-02)
Sure, she'll let it all out in Playboy but completely bundle up in this show...

Birds of Prey: Primal Scream by Derek McCaw (11-14-02)
You can tell this is a "women's" show, because everybody has issues with their mother...

Reviewed: Birds Of Prey by Derek McCaw (11-1-02)
Think babies can't be deadly? Have you checked out a dirty diaper lately?

Reviewed: Birds Of Prey by Derek McCaw (10-24-02)
They speak of Batman in very hushed tones in New Gotham...

Reviewed: Birds of Prey by Derek McCaw (10-21-02)
The show gets better, really -- but let's have a little less of Shemar Moore's abs, okay?

Revisited: Birds of Prey by Derek McCaw (10-11-02)
Growing pains are never pretty, but leather bustiers sure help...

Previewed: Birds of Prey by Derek McCaw (10-08-02)
Too inside for casual viewers, not inside enough for fans, it's not yet fish or fowl...

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