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Special Star Wars Page

Comic-Con 2015: Batman v Superman Trailer by Derek McCaw (07-11-15)
It dropped. Is it like a bomb or da bomb?

Comic-Con 2015: Bill Murray Rocks Hall H by Ric Bretschneider (07-11-15)
Promoting Rock The Kasbah, the star seals himself as a Comic-Con favorite...

Comic-Con 2015: The Cast Of Deadpool Coming by Derek McCaw (07-08-15)
Ryan Reynolds started off his journey on Twitter, and the rest of the cast followed suit...

Warner Brothers Gives New Line Vertigo by Derek McCaw (06-30-15)
The studio wants to keep their superheroes clear and consistent, except when they don't...

First Official Image From Star Trek Beyond (06-30-15)
Director Justin Lin tweets a teasing photograph...

Marvel Takes Over Hollywood(06-29-15)
Watch the Red Carpet for the world premiere of Ant-Man at 6 p.m. Pacific RIGHT HERE!

Avengers of Oz: Age of Tinman (06-29-15)
It's time for the idea of the Oz characters as superheroes to get a revisit...

As Star Trek Beyond Starts Filming, Star Trek 4 Rumors by Derek McCaw (06-26-15)
Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto getting salaries that boldly go where none have gone before?

Paul Rudd Meets The Little Avengers by Steph Rodriguez 06-26-15)
The star of Ant-Man meets his fans at California Adventure...

Patronus: A James Bond/Hogwarts Mash-up by Mish'al Samman (06-25-15)
What happens when James Bond enters the magical world of... ?

Marvel and Sony Have Their New Spider-Man by Derek McCaw (06-23-15)
Start catching up on Wolf Hall...

Ted 2: Back In A Flash by Derek McCaw (06-20-15)
Still can't say if the movie is any good, but this poster WINS!

Review: Inside Out by Derek McCaw (06-19-15)
Pixar makes the abstract into something cute and cuddly...

Ackbar's Eleven by Kevin Rubio (06-10-15)
Planned by the most suave mon calamari in the galaxy, IT'S A HEIST!

The NBA Unveils James Bond In Spectre Trailer by Derek McCaw (06-10-15)
Finally, a commercial that puts the Bond back in James Bond....

An Informative Mad Max Infographic by Daniel DeFabio (05-14-15)
Just to get you up to speed before you hit Fury Road...

David Ayer Reveals His Suicide Squad by Derek McCaw (05-03-15)
They're getting the bad guys back together... and maybe this will be the DC movie that works!

SNL Previews The Black Widow Solo Film by Derek McCaw (05-03-15)
Hurry, Marvel! Because you know Warner Brothers is taking notes...

Star Wars Celebration: That Galaxy Far, Far Away Part 2 by Drew Campbell (04-30-15)
Rancors, Troopers, and yes, of course, a Slave Leia...

Star Wars Celebration 2015: That Galaxy Far, Far Away... by Drew Campbell (04-29-15)
Some of the sights to be had as Anaheim gives in to the Star Wars side...

Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron by Derek McCaw (04-29-15)
It's a monster of a movie, launching the next big Marvel Phase...

Star Wars Celebration 2015: RU R2, Too? by Drew Campbell (04-28-15)
Sideshow.com sponsored an exhibit of R2 mash-ups that are quite cool...

Inside Star Wars Celebration 2015 by Drew Campbell (04-28-15)
One of our own journeyed to Anaheim in a galaxy far, far away...

Wondercon 2015: The San Andreas 4D Experience by Derek McCaw (04-04-15)
A whole lotta shaking goin' on in Anaheim...

Ryan Reynolds Bears It All As Deadpool by Derek McCaw (03-27-15)
Love or hate what they're doing on Fantastic Four, Fox gets Deadpool...

Cinequest 2015: Short Catch-Up Reviews by Ric Bretschneider (3-7-15)
A last bit of advice as you look at your film choices for the final days of Cinequest
UPDATE: Four of these films are marked for Sunday Encores!

Cinequest 2015: Bad Exorcists by Ric Bretschneider (3-6-15)
Delivers a lot of laughs, mixed with just enough shocks and scares. Exactly what I was looking for

Cinequest 2015: The House On Pine Street by Ric Bretschneider (3-2-15)
A film that will haunt you long after you leave the theater....

Cinequest 2015: Astraea by Ric Bretschneider (3-1-15)
Making human connections after the apocalypse may be the most dangerous thing to pursue...

Cinequest 2015: Clew by Ric Bretschneider (2-28-15)
If you like puzzles, especially those that expose a new puzzle past the first answer...

Cinequest 2015: Aspie Seeks Love by Ric Bretschnedier (2-28-15)
The picture of a different form of coping is the real gift of this movie.

Cinequest 2015: Afterlife (Utoelet) by Ric Bretschneider (2-27-15)
What to do when your father just won't stop haunting you...

Cinequest 2015: Batkid Begins by Derek McCaw (2-25-15)
Just to remind you that actually, yes, most of us do want to make the world a better place...

Cinequest 2015: Songs She Wrote About People She Knows by Ric Bretschneider (2-25-15)
What's not to love about someone singing about how much they dislike dislikable characters?

Cinequest 2015: Booze Boys & Brownies by Ric Bretschneider (2-25-15)
Can a girl find fame, fortune, and romance in an LA musical? Yes, but...

Cinequest 2015: Daily Film Journal Introduction by Ric Bretschneider (2-24-15)
One man's take on the Cinequest films... beginning a Cine...quest... if you will...

The Speculative Spider-Man by Derek McCaw (02-10-15)
We've all had a chance to sleep on the news... let the fun begin!

IT'S TRUE! SPIDER-MAN IS IN THE MCU!!!! by Nate Costa (02-09-15)
The dream IS ALIVE!

Cinequest 2015: Dennis Lehane, Maverick Spirit by Derek McCaw (02-09-15)
Bringing the new noir to novels, cinema, and now San Jose...

Cinequest 2015: Lawrence Kasdan To Receive Award by Derek McCaw (02-09-15)
From Body Heat to The Force Awakens, this maverick has carved out iconic status...

A Visual Guide To Marvel Movie Rights Revisited by Derek McCaw (01-29-15)
It's making the rounds again, so it's worthwhile running the updated version...

Cinequest 2015: Batkid Begins To Open Cinequest by Derek McCaw (01-28-15)
San Jose's world-class film festival opens with a film that's close to home...

Fox Releases Trailer For Fantastic Four by Derek McCaw (01-27-15)
Here it is... but is it fantastic?

Julia Roberts Attached To Remake Batkid Begins by Derek McCaw (01-24-15)
On the eve of its world premiere at Slamdance, a major star jumps onboard...

A New Supergirl and a New Jean Grey by Derek McCaw (01-22-15)
Moving forward on the CBS pilot and ready to reboot some classic X-Men...

Unkillable Rumor: Spider-Man To Join The Avengers by Derek McCaw (01-14-15)
We admit that it's a pretty reliable source for a dream come true, but can we still spin it?

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