One movie is never enough. Don't just grab two new releases tonight,
theme your evening with this Double Feature.

Before Foxxy Cleopatra became a Goldmember, another fox sported a 'fro and a pair of bling blings with super fly style. Of course I could be speaking of none other than the Queen of Blaxploitation, one of the most luscious women to grace the silver screen, the incomparable Pam Grier.

Whether Foxy or Jackie, brown is beautiful when shaped like this hot cup of Coffy. Grier's career has long outlasted the heyday of Blaxploitation (with pictures like Black Knight and The Adventures of Pluto Nash still getting lensed one can't actually claim that Blaxploitation is dead), but the brightness of her star has never shone as brightly as it did back when picks and platforms were the order of the day. Here's a Classic Pam Grier Double Feature. Can you dig it?

Friday Foster stars our girl as an ex-model and magazine photographer who gets embroiled in a Blow Up-meets-Enemy of the State type of conspiracy plot. If I can't entice you to this flick with these five words, Eartha Kitt and Jim Backus, then throw in Godfrey Cambridge. Don't forget Yaphet Kotto, about whom the original poster proclaimed, "His yen was for men, not for Friday Foster."

Black Mama, White Mama (also known as The Defiant Ones on estrogen) features Pam and exploitation figure Margaret Markov chained together on the run from Johnny Law in the Philippines. As if Pam Grier in a women's prison flick isn't enough (and if it's not and you are a straight male, I'm concerned for our future as a fanboy), try this on for size: our woman of the hour in a nun's habit clocks a cop with a guitar, Honky Tonk Man style.

Both of these picture are available on DVD from the Soul Cinema collection, and if you want to see why my money may be on Pam as the only hottie to age better than Sophia Loren, check out the modern Blaxploitation masterpiece Bones . It's a Doggy Dogg World, baby.

Jordan Rosa

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