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Kevin Smith Responds To Gotham's New Direction

We've got a response from Kevin Smith regarding the new direction of Gotham that comes to us from Episode 53 of Fatman on Batman.

About 15 minutes into the podcast Kevin recaps the conversation he and Paul Dini had in episodes 51 and 52 and then discusses Fox's original Gotham announcement (the one sans Bruce Wayne). Kevin then said the following:

"Now, they just announced, Fox's Gotham show in development has been suddenly UPdated to include, wait for it, while me and Paul call the lawyers, BRUCE WAYNE, age 12 years old with the series ending WHEN? Wait for it, we're gonna call the other law house, ends when he puts on the cape.

"So, I only know this cuz tons of ya tweeted, tons of you, and are still tweeting to this day, to say, 'Hey man that sounds an awful lot like the show you and Paul Dini came up with on episodes 51 and 52 of Fatman on Batman.' So, no word whether or not, uh, we'll be reached out to, uh, and said, 'Hey, you guys wanna jump in?'

"'Cause I guarantee - I can't guarantee anything, I don't know anything - but, Jesus, it's awfully weird that we did those episodes, and they marinated for a month, and the internet, I mean, lit up. There's a lot of tweets, uh, a lot of peop- some people wrote articles about, 'Oh the Paul Dini and Kevin Smith, uh, version of Shadow of the Bat sounds cool, blah blah blah.'

"So, you know, look, people listen to Shadow of the Bat, I mean, uh, people lis- people listen to Fatman on Batman, perhaps they heard about Shadow of the Bat, they're like, 'Look, that's a really cool fuckin' idea, yeah, let's do that instead of the bullshit we were doing.'

"And, do they owe us anything? It's not my character. None of those characters are mine and shit, so... It'd be nice if they were like, 'Hey man, fuckin' come on in and do what you do, uh, help us out.' But, uh, it, don't look for it kids, don't count on it.

"So those of you going, like, 'Are you and Paul still pitching YOUR version of the show?' Uh, no. (laughs) There's no point. We can't pitch what we don't own, and it looks like they've already taken the best parts, or, well, part of our idea and ran with it. Hopefully they take the rest of it, and stuff like that.

"But, yeah, it'd be nice, it'd be nice to be asked in, but fuckin', that ain't the way man. Nobody wants Fat Kev Smith involved in shit. He's mouthy. You know what I'm sayin'? Fuckin', he curses a lot. Batman's family entertainment, it's for children. Guy, horrifying mask, punching people in the face for crimes like mugging, murder, and rape and stuff like that, that's kid's stuff, ladies and gentlemen.

"In any event, that's, uh, Fox's Gotham is in your future, ladies and gentlemen, and, uh, looks like they're gonna have a young Bruce Wayne on it, so, I look, I look more, I'll be honest with you, I look more forward to that than I did to the idea of just Gotham.

"Sounds, uh, sounds like a show that I would like or (clears throat), write. Anyway, alright man, and that will wrap it up for all the Batchat we've missed since we've been away for about a month, man."

Based on these five minutes of Fatman on Batman episode 53 I can only conclude that, sure enough, someone involved with Gotham heard the previous episodes of the podcast and went ahead and pilfered the idea from Messrs. Smith and Dini. One can only hope that someone will give credit where credit is due...but we all know that hopes and dreams are made to be crushed.

Nate Costa

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