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William Shatner Is No Has Been
Still a transformed man...
...though to be fair, he has been many things. With an Emmy nomination this year, Priceline commercials and the constant threat of his reviving Captain Kirk on Enterprise (at this point, I don't think they could afford him), Shatner stopped to take a breath and return to his real love: music.

Yes, people, William Shatner has another album coming out in October. His golden pipes will wrap around a series of songs co-written with Ben Folds (and a contribution by Nick Hornby). Lending a hand with guest vocals are such luminaries as Aimee Mann, Adrian Belew, Brad Paisley, Folds, Joe Jackson and Henry Rollins.

It seems like some sort of bizarre dream, yet here it is. William Shatner's Has Been will be released on October 5, 2004, But thanks to Paul Cammuso at WilliamShatner.com (we new the ad would pay off someday), we have a link to Shatner's track with Joe Jackson NOW!

Click here to listen!

This ain't no rock and roll fantasy camp...

Derek McCaw

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