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Yet Another Aquaman!

I won't hurt you like those other Aquamen did, I promise...
Great Neptune! The Aquaman pilot, now allegedly titled Mercy Reef, hasn't even shot yet and already we're on our third Aquaman (if you count the toothy lanternjaw from Smallville).

On the heels of Variety reporting that Ving Rhames had joined the cast as the mysterious lighthouse keeper/mentor McCaffrey, Hannibal Tabu at Comic Book Resources claims that Will Toale is out.

Instead, we have Justin Hartley of the soap opera Passions. Apparently he already has a fan base, perhaps of the adolescent girls that the new CW network covets so badly. And as you can see from the picture at right, he also knows how to float in water.

This is not the face of a man with a harpoon for a hand, though I think I could picture him with fresh-water fingers. Really, though, all I want is a young Aquaman who doesn't call everyone "bra" and generally indulge in surfer talk.

I'd also like him not to go by the initials "A.C." but that's not only nitpicking, it's likely to be a forlorn hope on my part. Kids love the nicknames.

Let's hope Ving Rhames can swim well, because initial reports hinted that his character was actually an Atlantean exiled in order to keep an eye on Arthur Curry. In some ways it's perfect casting. Any reader of the comics knows that one thing Atlanteans do well is get medieval on people's behinds.

Derek McCaw

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