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The New Adventures Of Peter + Wendy

A few weeks back after Cinequest, I sat down in Studio City with Paula Rhodes, co-star of the sublime horror film Love in the Time of Monsters. It also turned out that Paula holds the rights to Elfquest, and has been very busy with projects on the internet.

She told me about this new one she was about to shoot, called The New Adventures of Peter + Wendy, a modern retelling of Peter Pan.

Lo and behold, last week the series launched, which means we get to actually distract you for about twenty minutes as a prologue and three full episodes are available online.

Set in the town of Neverland, Ohio, the series alternates between Wendy's video blog and Tinkerbelle's point of view (unless Peter thinks his webcam is a fairy). Peter is a reporter, and the Darling family owns the local newspaper. (I guess that detail really does make it a fanttasy.)

It's a little more adult than you might expect -- mostly because of all the possibilities of pixie dust. But there's a sweetness to its core. So cynics need not click.

Derek McCaw

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