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Is MarvelKids.com Ready For Kids?

'cuz we're all suckered in by giant robots...
Last week, Marvel went live with a new initiative: Marvelkids.com. A great idea long overdue, the website purports to be a safe zone where more impressionable potential readers can explore the Marvel characters they've been buying in toy stores.

Ideally, kids have been buying Marvel Adventures, an all-ages friendly line of comics. There, the Hulk will never avenge a genocide, Spider-Man will never sell his soul and Iron Man is benevolent and handsome. Pretty safe for the 6 to 12 demographic, that line of books does its job well and has coverage on MarvelKids.com.

For most, though, the main attraction will be the videos and games. When Marvel first sent out an announcement, they touted groundbreaking computer animation in a series of short videos that tied in to the Marvel Adventures line. A day later they revised the phrasing, referring to them now as "advervideos." Fair enough, as to make the site appear far readier than it is, they've loaded it with movie and videogame trailers, and one bizarre but much-watched by my 3-year-old ad for Hasbro's line of Spider-Man toys.

The one truly unique video would be the first part of a Spider-Man/Iron Man/Hulk crossover, a computer animated short that should add up to about five minutes. Whoever voices Spider-Man comes across as a lot more real New York than we usually hear, but then again, wouldn't he be? It's fast-paced, simply plotted and absolutely the way to get younger kids excited about the heroes. Unfortunately, it's also only about a minute and a half. But well done, Marvel, because my son now totally wants to see Iron Man.

If Marvel can get a few good online games going, this will be a good web destination to compete with things like Nickelodeon.com and Millsberry.com. It's just not quite ready, and for now, anyway, it's also oddly partnered with the University of Phoenix. So to go to a site that is a huge advertisement in and of itself, each video (including the Hasbro commercial) gets preceded by a 15 second ad for a chain of colleges. It's not exactly the perfect combination of content and sponsor.

Making Tony Stark safe for families...
But let's let Marvel hype it…

From Marvel:

Marvel is pleased to announce that True Believers can now experience the team of Iron Man and Hulk in a series of groundbreaking Marvel Adventures Animated Advervideos! This series of advertisements, created, in a fun video format, were developed to promote the popular, all-ages Marvel Adventures line of comic books. In this action-packed thrill-ride Marvel brings some of it’s mightiest heroes together to battle enemies too powerful for any one hero to defeat! Click on http://www.marvelkids.com to begin the adventure that’ll leave your jaws on the floor!

With the first advervideo released at http://www.marvelkids.com/videos, fans everywhere are already clamoring for the next one. On January 10th, 2008, check out http://www.marvelkids.com for the second advervideo and then, no Marvel fan can afford to be away from their computer on January 17th, 2008, when the third and final one arrives online! All three advervideos feature special cameos and bonus Easter Eggs for Marvel fans new and old—can you spot them all?

Also don’t miss Marvel Adventures Iron Man #1 Special, a new digital comic book that stars Iron Man, Hulk and Spider-Man; the exciting prequel to The Marvel Adventures Animated Advervideos! It’s a brand-new story featuring your favorite heroes…and it’s free at http://www.marvelkids.com/ironman!

It’s super heroics, repulsor rays and smashing like no Marvel fan has ever seen before, exclusively from your friendly neighborhood pals at MarvelKids.Com. So what’re you waiting for? It’s your universe, your favorite heroes and groundbreaking animated fun rolled into the can’t-miss Marvel Adventures Animated Advervideos! Don’t forget, you can pick up Marvel Adventures comics and digests every month wherever comics are sold—ask for Marvel Adventures Iron Man, Marvel Adventures Hulk, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man and more by name!

Visit http://www.marvelkids.com to experience it now!

Derek McCaw

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