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Make Way For Loonatics Unleashed...
Super-powered Descendants of the Looney Tunes Invade KidsWB!

Not even a Merry Melody?
I'll admit, I thought this was at best a weird idea. And at worst, a bad idea. Then there was the strange sex scandal involving Buzz Bunny, forcing a name change to Ace. Loonatics seemed like something purposely designed to tick off fans.

Then I saw the design for Wile E. Coyote's descendant. And I like it, reminding everyone that the coyote genes come complete with SUpah genius. With my luck, it's going to get me hooked. I didn't want to like Animaniacs, and that show ended up completely kicking my butt.

Check out the press release from Warner, and note that we have a special code here that the kids will want to have that unlocks an online character profile -- yes, a bonus code that only select websites have. Enjoy, and don't forget to check the show out on September 17.

From KidsWB!:

Award-winning studio Warner Bros. Animation and the #1 broadcast network for kids, Kids’ WB!, today announced the all-star voice cast for the highly anticipated Looney Tunes-inspired series, “Loonatics Unleashed,” set to debut on Kids’ WB! in fall 2005. Headlining the ensemble cast for this innovative animated television series from Warner Bros. Animation are Emmy Award-winning Rob Paulsen (Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky & The Brain, Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs), Emmy Award-nominated Kevin Michael Richardson (The Batman, The Matrix Revolutions), Charlie Schlatter (Diagnosis Murder, Ferris Bueller), Jason Marsden (Spirited Away, Static Shock), Candi Milo (¡Mucha Lucha!, Dexter’s Laboratory) and newcomer Jessica DiCicco (The Buzz on Maggie).

“Loonatics Unleashed” will also feature the guest voice talents of Academy Award-nominated Michael Clarke Duncan (Sin City, The Green Mile), Emmy Award-winning Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Scary Movie 2), Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Missing), Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch), Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants, The Batman) and Phil LaMarr (Pulp Fiction, Mad TV).

Where exactly is Spazmania?
“With its engaging combination of heroic action, comedy, compelling storylines and stunning animation all set in a futuristic sci-fi world, we believe that ‘Loonatics Unleashed’ will be a landmark television series for kids,” said Sander Schwartz, President, Warner Bros. Animation. “We’re thrilled to have such an incredibly talented voice cast and innovative creative team bringing this all new show to life. As it joins the Warner Bros. family, this Looney Tunes inspired series for new generations of cartoon fans is sure to be an exciting addition to the lineup of hit shows on Kids’ WB!.”

“As we broaden our audience with more dual gender programming, ‘Loonatics Unleashed’ is a perfect fit for Kids’ WB!, with larger than life action, irreverent comedy and relatable characters, offering something for everyone,” added Betsy McGowen, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Kids’ WB! “Both boys and girls have overwhelmingly embraced the strong male and female heroic leads in this empowering ensemble. We’re excited to, once again, join our franchise building strength with Warner Bros. Animation’s talented creative team, and this stellar voice cast, to bring to our fall lineup a series that we know will resonate very well with kids.”

“Loonatics Unleashed,” an all-new action packed, comedy-adventure series set seven hundred years in the future, stars an ensemble cast of six superheroes who are descendants of the Looney Tunes. Living in the year 2772, in the perpetual twilight of Acmetropolis, where supernatural phenomena are the norm, our team becomes imbued with super powers after a massive meteor knocks Earth off its axis. While members of this super-charged team share the same irreverent, sharp-edged wit as their forefathers, this formidable sextet has evolved into a force to be reckoned with. Banding together to become the Loonatics, we’ve got:

  • Ace Bunny (descendant of Bugs Bunny), voiced by Charlie Schlatter, the adroit and quick-witted, action-driven leader who galvanizes his crew for each mission, boasting infrared laser-lock vision and marital arts ingenuity.
  • Lexi Bunny (descendant of Lola Bunny), voiced by Jessica DiCicco, the girl empowered second-in-command, instilled with expert eavesdropping, hyper-sensitive hearing, awe-inspiring aerial agility and an innate ability to blast objects with her mind.
  • Danger Duck (descendant of Daffy Duck), voiced by Jason Marsdsen, the spotlight hungry, “I can do it better than Ace” wannabe leader of the Loonatics, bragging teleporting expertise and a talent for tossing magical energy spheres to fend-off foes.
  • Spaz B. Wilde (descendant of Tasmanian Devil), voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, the group’s grunting muscle-bound construction destructor causing tornadoes of all kinds with a super strength every villain fears.
  • Rev Runner (descendant of Road Runner), voiced by Rob Paulsen, the rapid fire, head-spinning talker the Loonatics are quick to quash, buoyed by his brain-embedded telekinetic GPS-tracking system and catch-him-if-you-can super sonic speed.
  • Tech E. Coyote (descendant of Wile E. Coyote), voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, the effusively erudite technical genius and gadget guru with an endless “way over their heads” vocabulary and scientific savoir faire, imbued with regenerative powers, electromagnetic abilities and mechanical mastery.
  • Zadavia, voiced by Candi Milo, the mysterious organizer of the Loonatics who sends the team out on their missions.

    Rounding out the renowned talent roster are notable guest stars from the worlds of feature film and television, including:

  • Tim Curry as a nefarious carnival barker bent on mutating all of Acmetropolis.
  • Michael Clarke Duncan as a gravity defying social menace who does his best to bring the Loonatics down.
  • Vivica A. Fox as a nocturnal villainess bent on blinding all around her with smooth-as-velvet traps.
  • Florence Henderson as an embittered academic rival of Tech E. Coyote, with an incredibly swollen head—literally.
  • Tom Kenny emerging from his underwater role to ride the wave as a futuristic robotic Viking.
  • Phil LaMarr as an envious athlete from an out-of-this-world sport who covets the Loonatics' amazing super powers.

    While cosmic dust has bestowed incomparable super powers on our heroes, it has equally given the land’s villains their own uncommon strengths that pose an on-going threat to the Earth and all of Acmetropolis-kind. But no matter how high the odds are stacked against them, the Loonatics jet in to save the world at a moment’s notice.
  • “Loonatics Unleashed” is produced by Warner Bros. Animation under the guidance of executive producer Sander Schwartz, Emmy Award-nominated producer Ron Myrick, story editor Rick Copp and creative executives Christopher Keenan and Megan Casey.

    ...and he's spiritually advanced, too...

    Derek McCaw

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