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Gotham Casting Complete


"And I swear by the spirits of my parents to avenge their deaths by spending the rest of my life warring on criminals. But first...XBox!".

At last we know.

Today, Warner put the last two pieces of the Gotham casting puzzle into place -- we now have young Bruce Wayne and (I don't know why this surprised me) young Selina Kyle.

However, Warner publicists stress -- and I think this is a good thing -- that this show is about the rise of Commissioner Gordon, an origin if you will, and not a show about Bruce Wayne. This is not Batman's origin.

Though, obviously, to the narrative of Gotham City, young Bruce Wayne is pretty darned crucial.

And a young actor named David Mazouz has landed that crucial and we can assume coveted role. If he looks familiar to you, it is because he had the lead role in last season's Touch from Fox, starring as Kiefer Sutherland's mute son who could manipulate numbers and draw connections between people and events. So he's been saving the world for a couple of years.
Hey, where'd my wallet go?!

In what could have been a disturbing character description but has been pulled back to... well, it sort of makes sense in a street urchin kind of way... we also have Selina Kyle. Newcomer Camren Bicondova has landed the role, and one assumes on her feet.

Warner describes Selina as "...a teenage orphan who is suspicious and wholly unpredictable. A street thief and skilled pickpocket, she's dangerous when cornered."

Considering the size of this cast, it's hard to fathom how much action and character introduction has to be done in an hour pilot. Okay, perhaps it will be two hours.

Warner does describe Selina as a series regular, but it just seems more likely that we'll be playing the Smallville game, with a lot of regulars who really are recurring. The ensemble is just so big. We not only have to deal with the Gotham PD, stately Wayne Manor, but also the criminals including as a major character the Penguin. How is Selina going to bounce around in all that?

That's why we have to wait and see, isn't it?

Derek McCaw

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