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The Flash Returns To Television

Before I could even sit down to post the little teaser of The Flash catching Oliver Queen's arrow, the CW went ahead and released this full trailer for The Flash.

It looks like it's laying out the major beats of the pilot episode, and granted, it has a CW beautiful youth bias. But with that one exception, this looks pretty solid. There's a Reverse-Flash (or IS there?). There's lightning running through time. There's a Weather Wizard, not wearing a costume, but still, a Weather Wizard!

Okay, there's also a support team, but a TV show needs a big cast and these supporting actors look interesting and fraught with subplotting -- plus the implication of powers even earlier than the Arrow/Flash universe would have us believe. AND they use narration straight from the comic!

And speaking of Arrow and Flash -- Warner, the chemistry between the two characters in this trailer is enough to say just let these guys vault into the Justice League movie. Don't bother casting new people. At some point this season, just have the events of Man of Steel resonate in Starling and Central Cities, and we'll consider that wink as good as a nod.

Derek McCaw

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