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CW's The Flash Has Cast Its Iris West
Candice Patton....

After casting Jesse L. Martin as Barry Allen's "father figure," Detective West, the producers of the CW have cast Candice Patton in the role of West's daughter, Iris.

Barry (Grant Gustin) may or may not be destined for Iris as his one true love, depending on how the show wants to spin out the relatinoship. But from 1956 until the New 52, Iris was his one and only.

Then again, it may be that they're more like surrogate brother and sister, as Detective West took Barry in after the death of his mother and imprisonment of his father (a plot development straight out of the New 52, except for the Detective West part.)

Right now, it's unclear as to when in Barry Allen's history -- and the show's history -- that would have happened. In the comics, Iris has been and remains a plucky reporter, sort of a Lois Lane to Barry's Superman, but according to Deadline, the CW describes her as a grad student, Barry's fast-talking best friend.

Patton has appeared on Entourage and the webseries Sorority Forever, among other projects, and certainly has a CW look. With all this casting being done now, are we really going to have to wait until the fall of 2014 for The Flash?

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Derek McCaw

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