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DEVO: R U Experienced?

I admit. I have no good reason to run this video other than it's been a rough week and it's only Tuesday. And sometimes you just have to turn to comfort music. And this is awesome.

Okay, in the eighties, I wasn't just listening to Eternity. I was also a huge DEVO fan, and with the passing of Bob Casale a few months ago, I had an odd moment of reflection. I think I've actually seen this band live more than any other. (Maybe tied with Oingo Boingo -- and THAT reunion tour doesn't seem very likely.)

So when I stumbled across this great video on the web, I felt like it was an overdue tribute. Perhaps sadly in my musical education, I actually heard DEVO's version of the Jimi Hendrix classic before I heard (and fell in love with) Jimi's. So take a few minutes, let it wash over you, and become not necessarily stoned, but mutated.

Derek McCaw


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