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David Lynch Faces The Ghost of Leland Palmer

When David Lynch's Twin Peaks first aired on ABC, my roommate at the time and I videotaped every episode, and swore that in twenty years' time we would rewatch it together and see how it affected us then. The quirky series that began as a murder mystery in a small Washington town and then became a dark funhouse maze into the human soul was just that kind of event -- even as young men, we knew we had to revisit it again and again.

To this day, I still take the advice of Kyle McClachlan's blithe yet canny Agent Cooper and try to give myself a little present every day -- even if it's just a damned fine cup of coffee (which, most days, it is).

In the meantime, DVD technology came along, as did the Twin Peaks Gold Box edition, which collected the entire series but omitted the feature film prequel Fire Walk With Me. And yes, though it took a few weekends and vacation days, my friend and I revisited it, and were still left with that wonder as to what would happen next after the wonderfully disturbing final episode (which was not meant to be a finale).

We may never know for sure, but Lynch has prepared a blu-ray edition coming this summer, titled Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery. That will at last include the feature film Fire Walk With Me and.... something more. Will that be a resolution? With Lynch, it's hard to tell.

Here's an excerpt, an interview with incestuous murderer/hapless possessee/fine upstanding businessman Leland Palmer (played by Ray Wise), twenty-five years after the events that rocked the town of Twin Peaks and changed our understanding of reality forever.

And, oh yes, Leland has been dead for twenty-five years.

Derek McCaw

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