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Coulson Lives!
No, Really, They Confirmed It At New York Comic-Con!

Off to Canada to visit that cellist...

October 13, 2012 -- Since the opening of Disney/Marvel's smash hit The Avengers, fans have refused to accept that film's heinous killing off of a beloved character: Agent Coulson.

Created for the Marvel film universe, the nigh-unflappable (until meeting his hero, Captain America) S.H.I.E.L.D. agent poked at Tony Stark's cool in two Iron Man movies and helped acclimatize Thor to New Mexico, though not necessarily willingly on either character's part. But he made the ultimate sacrifice against Loki in The Avengers, and movie fans were stunned.

Except we're comics fans. We get it. And if you've listened to the Fanboy Planet Podcast, you'll note that for a few months we've been touting a theory. Today at New York Comic-Con at the Marvel Television panel, the actor who plays Agent Coulson, Clark Gregg, proclaimed the same theory:

"Have you ever heard of a Life Model Decoy?"

Why, yes, Mr. Gregg, we have. And indeed, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige stepped forward, wearing a "Coulson Lives" t-shirt, and affirmed that "Agent Coulson was always a part of the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show." With series creator Joss Whedon offering mock argument, Gregg has now officially been the first cast member announced for (hopefully) next Fall's ABC series that will satisfy our weekly craving for Marvel live action.

In addition, he will voice Agent Coulson for Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man.

Coulson lives, and now he's omnipresent!

Derek McCaw

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