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Chew Today's Date:

John Layman Confirms Chew TV Alive Again!

Thankfully, somebody has taste...

The Hollywood Reporter has just broken the news that Chew, the Image comic created by John Layman and Rob Guillory, has found new life with producer Jeff Krelitz. And as Layman himself tweeted the news, we'll call it completely genuine and congratulation him now.

Under his banner of Quality Transmedia, Krelitz plans to adapt the popular comic into an animated project for home video, while also developing it into an ongoing TV series.

This is Chew's second time at bat for TV, as Showtime had a prior pilot in development which it then decided against. Krelitz has also followed a similar developmnet path with Image's Peter Panzerfaust.

For those not familiar with the property, Chew is set in an alternate reality where chicken is scarce due to either disease or government conspiracy. This little twist has definitely changed society, but the book focuses on Detective Tony Chu, who has the ability to psychometrically read the history of anything he eats -- which can be disgustingly handy in murder investigations. He gets swept up in conspiracy, international crime and much, much more in a series that deserves every bit of popularity it has.

Derek McCaw



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