Sci Fi Network To Get Blood From A...Oh, Heck, Bad Metaphor...

Geoff Johns launched his website this week with the news that he has dipped his toe back in the waters of Hollywood. No, he's not adapting Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. to film (though he'd still like to). Instead, he has taken on the somewhat surprising role of Consulting Producer for Marvel Productions' two-hour pilot of the recent mini-series Bloodstone.

Intended for the Sci Fi Network, here's what Johns has to say about the pilot on his own site:

"Basically, I'm helping to steer the creative ship in the right direction. I'm working with a bunch of terrific people at Marvel Studios and our show-runner, Chris Ruppenthal (Quantum Leap, Outer Limits). We want to create fun and engaging characters, find the right tone staying away from camp, I hate camp and figure out the balance between action, comedy and horror. It's a great job."

We asked Geoff for a little more information, pointing out that the comic book certainly invited comparisons to a certain Vampire Slayer (teen-aged girl discovers that her heritage means she is a super-powered monster hunter). What will the TV pilot do to not appear as a knock-off?

Geoff answered:

We're adding a character -- a partner of sorts. I can't say anything about it yet, but it's cool.

You'll also see the mechanics are very different than Buffy but that's more detailed later.

With Jeph Loeb working on Buffy The Animated Series and Geoff working on Bloodstone, you have to wonder when AOL/TimeWarner is going to wake up and let their hot comics writers actually steer their own properties to either TV or the Silver Screen. (You can read Geoff's dream movie plans in our interview with him from last fall.)

Derek McCaw


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