Birds of Prey Trailer

Aint It Cool News originally posted this this morning, and the first few seconds made me think this was a fan product.

And then I watched some more. Until we get our hands on the actual pilot, this will do to completely whip Fanboy Planet into a lather of anticipation. It lays out the basic premise of the series, and introduces the prime adversary for the Birds of Prey, one who will be very familiar to comics and cartoon fans. Already, I like her better than in either previous incarnation, but mainly because I've dug Sherilyn Fenn from her Twin Peaks days.

Some things might rankle; I'm skeptical of The Huntress. There's a bizarre reference to this being "New Gotham." Perhaps No Man's Land has happened sometime in the backstory of this show. That might not be as far-fetched as you'd think; once you get past the Batman Returns footage (and they're clearly ignoring anything touched by Schumacher), it's pretty clear that the producers have a healthy respect for the comic book origins of this material, even as they're making it their own.

But enough from me. Download this and dig it.

The Birds of Prey Trailer (8.83 MB)

Derek McCaw


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