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We Have an Aquaman!

Depending on the kindness of fishy strangers.
Variety reported this morning (1/9/06) that Miles Millar and Alfred Gough have found their new Aquaman -- model-turned-actor Will Toale. This means that plans proceed apace for the pilot to be shot in March somewhere in Florida.

Unlike the aborted Starman and Flash pilots from Millar and Gough, the WB currently has every intention of fast-tracking this show for broadcast next season. Currently, it has a vaguely pencilled in spot for the Fall of 2006.

To be fair, in the case of the Flash pilot, Warner Brothers decided that the big screen was a better gamble for the character. Besides, that show was already done right once, and it comes out on DVD tomorrow. Hint, hint. Buy, buy The Flash - The Complete Series at Amazon.com.

Back to Aquaman.

The model-turned-actor thing could make fans nervous, but it worked out all right in the case of Smallville's Tom Welling. More importantly, perhaps, Toale actually has proved his chops a bit in the so-called legitimate theater, with a small role in last year's Broadway revival of A Streetcar Named Desire with Natasha Richardson and John C. Reilly.

Toale psuedo-replaces model-turned-actor Alan Ritchson, who originated the role of Arthur "A.C." Curry on Smallville. As we reported earlier, though, the new series will scrap the little continuity set up for Curry along with Ritchson. Good thing, too, because the episode made Curry little more than a lantern jaw with surfer speak that vaguely alluded to his mother being a good swimmer.

One interesting note in the Variety article is that they refer to the series as Aquaman, when earlier Millar and Gough had been adamant that it would not have that title. Perhaps they wised up; if you call a story about Superman Smallville, everybody gets it. But what else does anyone know about Aquaman -- The Fish Whisperer?

Derek McCaw

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