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Mail Call Today's Date:

By mutual agreement between Mr. Michael Goodson and myself, this week's Mail Call shall start with the hate mail. That which does not kill us only makes us stronger. Or at least allows us to make fun of you.

Important Announcement For The Internet Wrestling Community



-- "John Public"

This week's Smackdown was so horrible that Michael Goodson, to whom this letter was addressed, could not even find the words, which is why there is no Chair Shots substituting for Chris Garcia's previously announced absence.

However, Mr. Goodson did remember the adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, and would like to direct your attention here for his response.

Thank you, and have a pleasant day, John Public.

Talk About Your Passion...

Dear Sir:

You are a terrible critic. Travis did a fabulous job as Tarzan. It was solid acting. Also your writing is poor.

You use incomplete and run on sentences. My English teacher would funk you.

-- Martha, Nebraska

I swear to heaven, I was sure that my review of The Passion of the Christ would get at least one letter. However, readers of this site know that in Hollywood today, the real issue is still the cancellation of the WB's Tarzan.

Your accusation of my being a poor writer wounded me deeply. I went back to my original Tarzan review and parsed it. Yes, as a stylistic choice, it turns out that I did indeed write one incomplete sentence, for which I apologize. There were, however, no run-ons.

Let me put my correction in here now. Instead of writing that I am a poor writer, it is more accurate to say that I have no life.

And now...at last...let us put the Travis Fimmel issue to rest. In order to close the book, we went to the closest thing we have to an expert -- our gay architect friend Kully -- in a little feature we like to call ASK A GAY ARCHITECT:

Michael: Michael Goodson, Fanboy Planet.
What is your opinion of Travis Fimmel?

Kully: Who's that?

Michael: He plays Tarzan on WB's Tarzan.

Kully: No opinion....next!

We hope this helpful and informative feature finally lays the issue to rest.

And Now A Word About A Show We Agree The WB Shouldn't Have Cancelled...

To Chris Crotty:

I completely agree with you on Wes and Fred - no chemistry whatsoever, and I think you'll find that a majority of the hardcore fans would agree on that. However, for all your other complaints, I consider you to be a nitpicky ass.

Also, Lorne's interrogation scene was lame. The scene on the stairs was cool though.


--Dance of Shame

Chris Crotty responds:

Thank you for writing. Yes, I can be an ass upon occasion, but I am actually one of the least nitpicky critics on the Angel discussion board where both DanceofShame and myself frequent.

Derek responds:

I'm bothered by the use of the phrase "nitpicky ass."

Looking Forward To More Jekyll Material...

I was wondering if you can ask Alanna Ubach a couple of questions for my Yahoo Group.

-- Michaela Bean
Somewhere On The East Coast

I'm too tired to come up with a snide remark about the phrase "Yahoo Group," so all I can do is respectfully say that yes, I would be happy to ask her a couple of questions if/when I interview her on behalf of Creative Light.

This is as good a time as any to say, hey, go over to the Creative Light Forums and discuss Jekyll. There you can throw in your questions, and I will dutifully use them because I'm lazy and it helps when you do my thinking for me.

Another Jekyll Fan, Not A Paid Endorsement

I'm excited about the Jekyll film. I've known Siena (Goines) for a few years and she's been waiting for a chance to do her thing! This film is a great chance for her and we'll be looking forward to seeing her as Christy.

-- "Morgan"

I've seen some of the dailies, and all I can say is that if you'd seen what I'd seen, people, you'd really be looking forward to Siena Goines as Christy.

And On That Note...

hey mcgraw what other movies has gina been in? and curse you for doing the interview and not me

-- "Judge Raye"

I have no desire whatsoever to do you. Ask a gay architect.

That's it for the last couple of weeks. As always, the more you write, the more I run a letters column. Once again, if you don't mind, sign your real name and tell me what city you're in. If I were to change my mind about "Judge Raye," I'd be helpless.

So help us out and WRITE!


Derek McCaw

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