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WonderCon 2015 Today's Date:

WonderCon 2015:
The Flash Sizzle Reel

It's no secret that we love The Flash on the CW. And why not? It's a show that loves the fans, breaking through to give us everything that Smallville was just a few years ahead of its time to do -- a show steeped in comics continuity without alienating casual viewers.

The Flash also has a tremendous force -- call it a speed force -- in the form of Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, the Flash. He's what we'd hope we would be with superpowers -- haunted a little, as one must be, but determined to enjoy what gifts he's been given.

Proving its popularity among fans, WonderCon had to have a lottery for tickets to the screening of an upcoming episode. When you have the distractions of a thriving exhibition floor, interesting panels, and loads and loads of cosplay, that's pretty impressive.

Stars Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker (who confirmed that she will become Killer Frost), Carlos Valdes joined executive producer Andrew Kreisberg to talk about the show and unveil the reel that Warner Brothers helpfully provided for us below.

In it you'll get a glimpse of Emily Kinney as a character who should be Queen Bee but is apparently the Bug-Eyed Bandit -- either way, there are bees involved. Some Rogues are going to stand against the team, Barry will be joined by The Atom (who on television reminds me a lot of X-O Man of War), and... oh, Grodd. Yes, there will be Grodd.



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