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WonderCon 2015 Today's Date:

WonderCon 2015:
A Clip From Batman vs. Robin

Forget Batman v Superman -- the superhero battle of the decade will be between father and son. In Batman Vs. Robin, Damien Wayne gets tempted by the Court of Owls into fighting their brand of justice.

At WonderCon, the entire movie screened for eager attendees (twice), to resounding appreciation. You can see why in the clip below. Not only is Damien one of the best character creations of the 21st century, he translates very well to animation, and his philosophical differences about fighting and training are highlighted below in his conflict with Nightwing.

Young actor Stuart Allen has all of Damien's cockiness in his voice. In person, Allen just seems preternaturally confident, though excited and grateful to have this opportunity. And Sean Maher, reprising his role from Son of Batman as well, definitely has the tone of Dick Grayson.

Batman Vs. Robin will be available on Tuesday, April 14.


Derek McCaw



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