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Comic-Con 2013 Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2013:
The Walking Dead Display

No, I did not do the official Experience. Someone please tell me how in any universe my running from zombies would end well. (Either way. Because believe me, I would be a ravenous and tenacious zombie with a dangerous vocabulary.) But I did brave standing outside the booth for The Walking Dead and took some photographs.

I did it all for you, Nate.

Okay. Those fences look sturdy enough..

He looks tough enough to keep 'em quelled should something go wrong...

I appreciate the "No Profanity" rule, but really, it's too late. I just invented a dozen new words...

No, no, NO! Some poor fool got in there... oh, well, one less to get in line ahead of me elsewhere...

Move along, nothing else to see here...

Preview Night Part 1

Preview Night Part 2

Preview Night Part 3

Derek McCaw

Thursday Part 1

Thursday Part 2



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