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Comic-Con 2013 Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2013: The Game of Thrones Memorial Reel

At Comic-Con, people still haven't quite clicked in to how insanely popular (and deservedly so) Game of Thrones is. It really should be in the prime real estate of Saturday as far as paneling goes. Yesterday, walking from the Convention Center to the Hilton, I was blocked by a huge group of people losing their composure, looking up and staring. It was like a scene out of Superman.

And what was it really? Almost like a scene out of the show, it was the cast of Game of Thrones taking a smoke break on the balcony -- led by George R. R. Martin, able to wave down at his fans like the Pope. (And by the way, Mr. Martin, don't smoke -- not until you finish the series!)

So I'm gratified this morning to see this video they showed at the panel yesterday, a mordant and pretty funny look back...

Derek McCaw

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