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Web Series Watch: Fresh Hell

Editor's note 02/09/2015: Daniel DeFabio originally wrote this for the now-defunct Geek Magazine. Thank you, Daniel, for offering this to us. It appears here for the first time..

Imagine Curb Your Enthusiasm produced by and starring Brent Spiner. Spiner (Warehouse 13, Threshold, Independence Day, ST:TNG) plays a version of himself who, post-fame as Commander Data, commits a horrible "incident"¯ which makes him the world's most hated person.

After the incident you could say he can't get arrested in this town, except it seems maybe he was. He struggles to get his career going again and befriends a beautiful aspiring adult film actress Dakota (Kat Steel). It's equal parts the anti-Entourage and Pygmalion in Pornoland. Spiner (the character) tries to adjust from a life of fame to one of infamy, and becomes Dakota's acting coach.

Spiner's self deprecating vulnerability is the core of the show. This guy needs a break, or a hug. And Kat Steel has perfected the charming, sexy, ditzy, naif role. It's well produced and funny. Plus you get to see Spiner play Spock.

Season one is five episodes, season two is ten, and a season three has been promised but Spiner tells us he isn't sure when it will happen.

Spiner isn't the only seasoned pro on this series. Levar Burton (ST:TNG, Reading Rainbow, Roots) guest stars in an episode. Veteran Groundling Brian Palermo (The Social Network) does a great smarmy turn as everything wrong with Hollywood agents. And producer and writer Harry Hannigan was previously a producer on the sit-com According to Jim.

The closing credits alone are worth watching an episode, so you can hear the beautiful, haunting and oddly appropriate song "The Lovely Machine"¯ performed by Head Popping Through.


Daniel DeFabio


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